New iPad mini - magnetic back

Does anyone know if the new iPad Mini has a magnetic back? My wife is wanting to buy a stand that attaches magnetically. Similar to the current iPad Pros and how they attach to the Magic Keyboard.

TIA for any input

It should have the magnetic back, the smart folio description said it attaches magnetically so…

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Just curious, what stand is she looking at?

Don’t you think the smart folio looks like the original iPad cover that had magnets only along one edge? Not like the newer Magic Keyboards for iPad Pro which do look like much of the iPad’s back would have to be magnetic. However I don’t see it listed (yet) as being available for the new iPad Mini.

These are the two that she highlighted. No idea yet if these will be the ones she goes with.

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I would wait until these products say that they’re compatible with the mini. Or be ready to deal with returns!

Even if it has a magnetic back, it might be in different places than previous models.

Since it cover flat the whole back of the device as the bigger smart folio covers do I assume it uses the same system.

As @ryanjamurphy said the op should check that the stand is compatible specifically with the mini

They use the “Smart Folio” name, which has been applied to the cases that cover the front and back of the iPad, as opposed to the “Smart Cover” which only covers the front. Plus this illustration from the Smart Folio for iPad mini page shows an “iPad sandwich” configuration:
iPad mini 6 Smart Folio