New iPad Pro! One thing is missing

Hello all. I’ve been rocking my 10.5” iPad Pro for many years, but my new iPad Pro arrived today. I also got the magic keyboard and trackpad. Typing on it is a dream. The one thing I miss about my old Smart Keyboard is that it folded behind the iPad. This was very handy for taking notes with the Apple Pencil.

But, the even more important use was that the magnets in the iPad and the Smart Keyboard behind it provided a wonderful presentation device when I put it on my metal music stand. There was just enough magnet that it “stuck” to the music stand. Can anyone think of a similar sleeve or something I could put behind the iPad that would work similarly?

I know it’s a unique use case, but I’m hoping someone in this group has solved it! Thanks.

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Not able to provide any help on your question, but I do have one of my own!

Currently I have a 10.5" and a 12.9" iPad Pro, 2017 & 2018 respectively. With getting the new M1 MBA, I no longer see my 12.9" as my mobile computer and now it just seems too large and cumbersome for outside of the house. And my 10.5" is missing the Gen 2 Apple Pencil.

I really want to simplify and go with just one iPad, the 11" My question is: is this what you got, and if so was there a big difference or upgrade feeling from your 10.5"?

Thanks for your advice!

Yes. I got the 11." The 12.9" feels way too big to travel with. The 11" doesn’t feel much different than my 10.5. It’s definitely snappier. I’m sending my 10.5 back to Apple to pay for the magic keyboard. I was having a series of small but irritating issues with the 10.5. I’m going to love the 11", especially after I find a way to magnet it to my music stand as I mentioned in the original post.

Flip keyboard upside down to take notes with pencil. Looks weird but it works.

Agreed, this was my concern with the Smart Keyboard since I received it. Apple is expecting the users to take off the ipad from the keyboard whenever they are not using them together.

I’m not trying to use the pencil when I’m giving presentations. I have my notes on my iPad and want it flat against the music stand, which I use as a kind of podium.