New ipad Pro ordered

Mines ordered! 13 inch pro, 256 no cellular. keyboard and pencil pro. $2K. Hope it’s worth it.

  • iPad Pro 13-inch (M4) - Space Black
    • WiFi + Cellular
    • 1TB
    • nano-texture glass
  • Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 13‑inch (M4) Black
  • Apple Pencil Pro

:joy: I ordered exactly the same thing minus the Pencil (which tbh I’ll probably add later).

I’ve been ready for this update for months and am super excited for this.

One thing I’m worried about is the nano-texture display. The nano-texture on the Studio displays and Pro Display is pretty delicate and requires Apple’s special cleaning cloth. I’m worried this might scratch easily.


Yes, these look solid! I’ll be getting the 13" 256GB with the new Pencil. I haven’t decided about the keyboard yet.

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13" Pro, 1TB with nano-texture. Looking forward to the larger size after three years with the 11" Pro.


I’m happy to see that the 13” models have managed to shed 100gr. Maybe… I’m going to wait to see what the next OS has to offer before making any purchasing decisions. I hope they update scribble!

I’m replacing my 2017 10.5" iPad Pro (yes, very vintage) with the 11" M4. 256gb is all I needed. Got a Pencil Pro too (mostly because Find My is going to save my bacon with that thing). Very excited to get a battery that lasts longer than an hour.


You’ve got me beat. I’m replacing a 2018 12.9". The battery has degraded noticeably in 5½ years, but not quite down to one hour.

I was so excited last week because the iPad battery was at 90% after watching Youtube for about an hour on my rowing machine.

The next day, I was elated to see that the iPad was at 80% after sitting overnight on the table (with no other usage since the rowing machine). Then I used the iPad for 40 minutes to check email, Asana, OF, and do some light browsing. 4% battery.

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I was shocked when I heard about that new option. Perhaps you are supposed to wear white cotton gloves when using it?

My first thought was maybe the Pencil will feel better to use on a textured surface.

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You are probably right! That would be the only reason to have the nano-texture.

Nanotexture is primarily for reducing glare.

Indeed. I’ve actually had to replace a couple because my iPad was mishandled while out and I just couldn’t find the Pencil. It was as if a wormhole opened and swallowed it, in one case. Open box was keeping the cost down. :frowning:

Today is my birthday; so, I was thrilled that Apple scheduled this event for this morning. I went with 13” M4, black, 2 TB, cellular. And I went with the keyboard and pencil pro. I’m glad for the function row and glad they didn’t do what the rumor mill was suggesting about turning it into more of a laptop-like enclosure.

I was hoping they’d say they got the battery to 20 hours. That’s my fever dream. An actual all-day :low_battery:. But I’ll take the re-positioned FaceTime camera as a welcome consolation prize.


Happy birthday! Hope you can take some time off.


I’m working on that part!

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Also curious about this?

I don’t know enough to understand the layering of the display — the nanotexture layer is presumably underneath a top layer, correct? Surely must be — or else, what will an Apple Pencil do to it?

Ordered as well, it looks great.

  • iPad Pro 13-inch (M4) - Space Black (WiFi + Cellular)
  • 512 GB
  • Regular glass
  • Black Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro 13‑inch (M4)

It will be interesting to see what might be coming in iPad OS at WWDC to make a dent in this ‘4x’ performance over M2.

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I will not watch the Apple Event
I will not watch this thread
I will not walk into an Apple Store



I will not open Apple’s spam.
I do not like green eggs and ham.