New iPad Pro «RAM-Gate» 😂

Alright, I need to move this to another thread to sort out what to do about this. :laughing:

So, the rumour is that the 1 TB Pros get 6 GB RAM and the others get 4 GB. It wasn’t announced by Apple and I missed the rumours on this until this morning.

For ONCE I didn’t go all in on the specs as I figured 512 GB should be enough and that the price tag for upping it to 1 TB seemed a bit steep (especially since it’s likely to be unnecessary from a storage perspective).

Changing my order now will delay delivery with at least a week… which is of course terrible. :smile:

Assuming the rumours are true - what does the additional RAM really mean? I have to say that if they have some significant impact on what you can do with the device - this is a disastrous move by Apple.

Nothing at the moment. 4 GB of RAM is plenty today.
But it will make it more future-proof.

Yes, but is that “future-proof” for using the Adobe Apps in a good way next year - or is it “future-proof” in the sense that it might last 3 instead of 2 years before it feels like it’s time to upgrade?

My current Pro has been with me for 3 years now, and I would prefer to not feel that it’s necessary to upgrade the new iPad much sooner (unless some crazy enhancements come along).

I assume it is going to be “future proof” in the sense that very few people (as a percentage of overall units sold) are likely to get the 6GB RAM/1TB storage model. This means that software publishers will need to keep their products working well on a 4GB RAM iPad as well, because this is where most of their customers will be.


Well, yes, but if Adobe is targeting the high-end and scale their Apps assuming 6 GB RAM to be available… it’s going to suck a bit - even if most Apps will run fine. :confused:

I do not see the problem, to be honest.

With regards to Adobe’s announcements to bring Photoshop to the Mac, with the crazy impressive Autocad (?) demonstration in yesterday’s keynote and possibly with other unannounced apps on the horizon, a 1 TB iPad with 6 GB might be nice for Professionals who plan to work with very huge files on their iPad. But there is no way that 1 TB is a must-have and 6 GB RAM are no necessity, either.

For 99% of us, an iPad Pro just might be overkill if nothing else. I want to have a 12-inch screen on my iPad because I use it for reading partitures (sheet music) and a smaller screen really does not work for that. Apart from that, the regular iPad from this year might even be enough for me.

What we have seen yesterday was that Apple is really serious not only to have a model called iPad Pro but a model that is absolutely targeted for high-end professional use cases. When Apple introduced the new iPad this spring I wondered where the real difference is to the iPad Pro was (yes, I know they have a different size).
Yesterday’s event really set a new mark: the iPad Pro plays in a totally different league now - both with 4 GB RAM or with 6 GB RAM.


I do not believe that Adobe will have their apps be limited to 2018s top iPad Pro configurations.

I am quite confident that they will run just nice on every iPad Pro model, even older ones. Maybe even on regular iPads that were released earlier this year.

Why? Well, Photoshop on the Mac works just fine on almost every Mac. And many Macs have way less power than a lot of iPads of today. In combination with Apple’s new Ax CPUs and the Flash storage, normal use cases even with power apps like Photoshop really should not be an issue.


Yesterday’s event really set a new mark: the iPad Pro plays in a totally different league now - both with 4 GB RAM or with 6 GB RAM.

Yes, I’m sure you’re right. And if it turns out to be true, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be super-happy with my new shiny iPad anyway - and it will do all the things I normally do smoothly. I still find it a bit annoying if this turns out to be true and it not being mentioned in any way by Apple.

I throw quite a lot of money in Apple’s direction every year, so if this turns out to be true, even if I’m sure the comments above are true (it won’t matter much, if at all, for my use - maybe with some extreme exceptions), it’s going to feel like some kind of dishonesty/lack of transparency from Apple. Which is going to suck. I want to be able to rush in and place an order when something new that I want is launched, without having to worry about whether Apple’s avoided giving me details on actual differences within a specific model.

But again, even if it turns out to be true… I’m pretty sure the joy of the new iPad come Tuesday is going to far outshine my annoyance with this (if it is true…). :smiley:

I agree here. 6gb or ram will be very important for users doing lots of photoshop and AutoCAD work with multi-gig psd or cad files. For those people, they will also very likely want a ton of storage. More than a few multi-gig files, those large pro apps, etc, will eat up storage.

Personally I don’t see myself needing 6gb of ram or 1tb of storage in the next few years. My iPad work is mostly reading and writing (PDFs, Word, Markdown), none of which takes up massive amounts of space or requires large quantities of ram.

This is not to say that there aren’t use-cases that are low-storage high-RAM, but I think those are going to be rather rare compared to high-storage high-RAM situations.

Honestly though, I don’t know if this RAM situation is what Apple would want under ideal conditions either. I bet, if they could, they’d have 6gb of ram in every model, but I suspect between RAM supply (maybe?) and certainly price/margin pressures, they couldn’t have done that without upping the price. Since I suspect the majority of iPad users don’t need 6gb of RAM, I don’t imagine most people are going to find themselves hamstrung.

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Yes, if this turns out to be true - the factors you mention are probably true.

Based on the things I’ve seen here and other related comments, I also doubt that I would need 6 GB of RAM day to day. (Not even sure if this has any real impact on how games would run on it? Haven’t tried any “real” games on my current iPad, but the onstage demo looked pretty awesome.)

However, if this turns out to be true, I’m going to be really annoyed at Apple. I’m paying quite a lot for the 512 GB option, and even if it might be that the difference in performance would be negligible - it would have been part of my purchasing decision. And when paying this much, I don’t like feeling that my decision was uninformed.

So I hope it turns out to be wrong.

Side note: attaching the suffix “-gate” to everything displeasing has run it’s course I think :smile:

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I know. Feel bad about it. Sorry. :laughing:

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