New iPads... in October?

In anticipation of new iPads in october I sold my 9.7” ipad pro…

What do you think… too early?

I sold my iPad mini before that. :sunglasses:

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Well the iPhone Xr pre-orders open Friday 19th with deliveries on the 26th. Assuming Apple don’t want the new iPads + whatever Mac updates arrive to over shadow the Xr launch that leaves Friday 5th for preorders of the new iPads with deliveries on the 12th, so the launch would have to be the first week of October, 2nd maybe? They could send invites out this week but it would seem a little rushed after the iPhone event less then two weeks ago.

Otherwise I don’t think we’ll see the new iPads launched until after the 26th, so on the 30th, but that drops them straight into Halloween so could be the week after? Apples Q4 financial years finishes 30th September and they usually release the quarters figures a month later so that could tie in with an end of the month release too?

Purely speculation on my part of course.

If you got a good price for your iPad and are happy to be without for a few weeks I’d say you did the right thing.

Apple has never paid attention to quarters when releasing its hardware. They’ve released Macbooks, iPads and iPhones at the tail ends of quarters, or in the middle of them (like a number of iPads which were released mid-March).

They have been laser-focused on prepping hardware for Xmas season availability, and to a lesser extent for back-to-school sales (though the latter has regularly been affected over the years by limitations from chipmaker Intel).

Yes, my thought here was that they’d be able to reference how good the Q4 and 2017 financials were at the event given the closeness of the dates, rather than they would hold off the iPad releases until the financial figures were available.

I can’t see releasing the iPads at the beginning of October vs the end will make much difference to the Xmas availability so much as any production limitations they may hit.

Only if you need an iPad :slight_smile:

Apple has never timed hardware releases to promote financials.

I’m not making any predictions as to when new iPad will be released, but since Apple is careful not to step on free publicity from iPhone releases, and the XR will be officially be available for preorder October 19th and be shipped the following week on the 26th, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘October Event’ is either in the beginning of October or some time in November.

I don’t know that there’s a huge amount of overlap between iPad Pro customers and iPhone XR customers. That might make Apple more likely to have the iPad announcement/release close to the XR release date than if it were the XS.

It’s a matter of not stepping on mounds of free publicity, and of spacing out release of products in related ecosystems. If Apple had released new iPads alongside iPhones, people would more easily have chosen one over the other. By giving breathing room to iPhone announcements (if you look historically Apple Marketing tends to give iPhone at least 3 weeks attention before subsequent announcements) it gives people more room to consider both devices instead of deciding they can afford one or another, and it ramps up the media attention to fit their desired marketing goals. From the very first iPhone release Apple has been particularly careful about giving the device weeks of attention undiluted by other product introductions.

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But that’s less of a factor if there are few people who are in the intersection of the Venn diagram of the two markets.

@ChrisUpchurch I agree with you. And also, doing the announcement for the iPad with new macs (potentially) gives Apple the link between iPad Pro’s and Macs they want. I think it’s going to be an “Apple productivity” announcement in the last week of october (or at least I hope so)

Apple does not apparently agree. It impedes in overall publicity for the iPhone (three-quarters of the company’s revenue) and diffuses focus for tech publications, and the discussions that come from it. Look back over the last decade and you’ll see they’ve held back on new product introductions for 3-4 weeks after each iPhone launch.