New(ish) MacBook Pro 15" Shuts Down with 50% battery left

I have a couple year old Touch Bar MacBook Pro 15" that shuts down when the battery hits 50% or so. I’ve reset the SMC, PRAM, recalibrated the battery, the battery only has 184 cycles, is in good health “Normal”.

If I start with more than 70% battery I can run it all the way down but if I start the computer with less than 60% it shuts right down and won’t restart until I plug it in. And then it shows batter of more than 50% battery left.

Any other ideas? And also - how do you know if the SMC and PRAM resets actually reset?

Frustrating situation here.

Have you opened a ticket with Apple Support? They are very helpful and can go through all the troubleshooting options with you.

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Had the same issue. It was caused by a bad battery. It expanded enough to bow the case. Apple replaced logic board and battery. So far it’s working fine.

I had somewhat similar problems with a 2012 Retina MacBook Pro (random shutdowns when the battery was below 50%). They tended to occur when the machine was under load and working hard, so I think it was related to the computer needing more power at a given moment than the battery could deliver. The battery health on my battery was much worse than yours though. I got the battery replaced and that fixed the problem.

I had this issue on my 2016 15”. It would shut down when I still had battery left (said no charge, but when I restarted it would show a charge left). Turned out the battery had expanded (bowed the bottom the the case so it wobbled a bit which was the only external indication of a problem). Apple replaced the battery and logic board under warranty (I had AppleCare). Now it’s good as new.

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