New job requirements forcing me to stop using – help?

After many years, I am back in a job where I am required to use a dreaded CRM shudder

We’re using Hubspot, and everything needs to be logged there. There is a Gmail Chrome extension that does this for you if you use the Gmail web app (ugh!), but the most promising option for me was a bcc address that, when added as bcc for an outgoing email, logs that email in Hubspot.

The problem? No setting in to bcc an address on every email, except for your own, which is an option. Many, but not all, email clients offer this (Spark, Superhuman, etc.)

After some research, there is some terminal voodoo you can do to add a bcc address to every email you send, but the problem here is that it applies to every account in, not just my work account. I definitely don’t want to be logging emails from my personal account.

I was hopeful that there was maybe some sort of configuration of Sanebox that I could use to automatically bcc something on all email, but that seemed like a longshot and I couldn’t figure something out.

Unless anyone has any crazy ideas, I have a few (IMO) bad options – go back to using the Gmail web app for my work email (which will naturally be my most-used email), adopt a new mail client with auto-bcc functionality (I feel like I’ve tried everything and there’s problems everywhere) … Please, MPU, you’re my only hope! Any obvious solutions I’m missing?

Create a separate User on your Mac for you the employee.


If you have Keyboard Maestro, you could create a macro, which you can trigger e.g. with a certain shortcut, and which creates a new Mail.
Within the Macro action (“Send Mail Message”), you can predefine (or leave them open) all relevant data for the Mail, like the value inside the BCC field, and the sender.


Can you give your CRM access to your email account and let it suck in the required info on its own? That’s what we’re doing with Zoho CRM.

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I’ve never used it but it looks like there are solutions ($) if you are using the Gmail web interface.

Automatic BCC to your CRM | Auto BCC and CC for Gmail (

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Mail Act-On, a plug-in from Small Cubed says it has Outbox Rules:

Outbox rules give you the power to alter and organize the messages you send. With Act-On you can automatically CC or BCC messages depending on rule criteria. Make sure you always use the right delivery account for each recipients; add special headers; delay delivery and more - all with Outbox rules.

However, I couldn’t quickly find more detail. (Square Cubed’s plugins are reputable, I know that; I even have MailTags; I’ve just never used Outbox Rules.)

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I think you should be able to use the Forwarding settings in Gmail to do this for you. Here is a screenshot of the Forwarding setting.

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Thanks for all the suggestions and ideas everyone! John’s suggestion of giving the CRM direct access to my company gmail account was my preferred solution, but it seems like Hubspot is a bit weird about this; it “works”, but only for emails that meet a pretty convoluted set of requirements.

Many of the other suggestions here are great and creative, but usually fall down by edge cases (only working on desktop, Gmail forwarding not being able to be verified, etc.)

It might be only my special case, but I never get Mail Act-On to work properly on my system, and after the removal, MailApp still acts weird in many ways.