New mac - how to migrate Photos library

I’m planning to get a new mac. I won’t be migrating from my old one because I only need about 10% of all the apps (and none of the cruft) on the new one.

One of the main and only functions of the new mac is to manage my Photos library. This is the first mac I have bought since iCloud Photo Library.

My question is, should I try and move the library locally or just have it download from iCloud? At over 250GB it seems like a waste of bandwidth - but I fear it may be the only way. Does anyone have experience migrating manually locally and having it all reconcile with the cloud?

I have a similarly sized Photos library. I’ve always just let it download from the cloud.

Thanks. Fortunately I have an unlimited & fast connection where I am, so thats most likely what I’ll do. Some of my brethren in Australia would not have the luxury.

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I’m sure that will be fine. I’d also mention that John Gruber just used Migration Assistant for the first time in years and is kicking himself for not using it in the past. So maybe the concern about cruft isn’t such a big deal anymore?

Doesn’t the migration assistant allow you to specify what to migrate? Perhaps you could specify only photos. Or you could just copy the photos library from the old computer pictures folder to the new, perhaps from your time machine backup