New Mac Studio - Potentially Overheating (humor)

Anyone got any ideas why my Mac Studio might be running hot all the time? I’m not sure the ventilation on this thing is up to the challenge.


You can be the first to develop a new app called Cat Aid. (With apologies to @samRowlands and his Sleep Aid app by Ohanaware.)


I didn’t realize “cat” was an option with the Mac Studio. I might have gone with that over the MacBook Pro, which didn’t even come with a mouse.

Off topic, but can you tell me about that whiteboard? That looks handy!


Yes, I love this thing! I only got it a few months ago because I was wasting so many sticky notes just jotting quick things down.

It also has a (small) drawer underneath the right 1/3, so I keep my USB-C → A dongle and a lightning cable in there.


Mine’s actually going back today. Not because it gets warm but because I can’t justify keeping it. I’d hoped it would render (export) videos from iMovie so much faster than my M1 Pro MacBook Pro that it would be justifiable. It doesn’t.

Since my goal was to rationalize a new MacBook Air, the cheaper way to do it is to keep my MacBook Pro “docked” and travel with the MacBook Air. No matter what setup I try, again and again I find that all I really want is a new 27" iMac + MacBook Air. Nothing else seems to work as well for me as that combo.

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Hmm, possibly unrelated, but my AirPort used to have a similar problem:

  1. Now you know what the Unix cat command actually does.
  2. I love that whiteboard and now must have one!
  3. I assume you don’t care that the phone number + phone tree + access code/case number/whatever-it-is is on a public forum, but if you do, then it is :wink:

Is that a camera or microphone, the black item right behind the laptop?

Kia customer relations phone tree and case number. I’d love it if someone other than me wants to call and prod them about my ever-lingering case :wink: (Thanks for checking though!)

Microphone on a boom stand.

Too much conCATenation…and I’ll show myself out!

Are you satisfied with your Stream Deck? Is the macOS implementation good?

Sorry that I missed this!

For me, the Stream Deck is just okay. I’m not a shortcuts or Keyboard Maestro user, which I suspect has a lot to do with it.

I thought I would use it to switch between spaces and the icons would help me remember what content is on which spaces. Turns out I memorized that pretty quickly and the keyboard shortcuts are faster.

I thought I would use it to switch between audio output devices - but I end up just leaving it on my Sonos output 99% of the time.

I thought I would use it for shortcuts in Zoom meetings (mute, camera on/off, etc.) but I don’t.

At some point I’ll take a second run and figuring out what to use it for, but so far it probably gets touched two or three times a week.

Yes, an all-too-common problem with many Apple products.