New MacBook Air with Magic Keyboard Released

Some good news for those looking for an Air:


I’m glad they did this but I’m frustrated that I have the 2018 model.

Now it’s clear which Mac I’ll be telling people to buy, especially non-power users. I refused to recommend the last generation, I know someone who has the 2019 model and has already had 2 keyboard replacements.

I’m looking to replace an early 2015 MacBook. I’m thinking its not worth the extra $$$ for the 13" MacBook version compared to the new Air, or am I missing something?

As always it comes down to what your workload is. This page from Apple shows a line by line spec comparison of the new Air, 2 Thunderbolt 3 port MacBook Pro 13" and the 4 Thunderbolt 3 port MacBook 13".,MacBookPro-13_1,MacBookPro-13_2

You will see that the Air has a lower top end clock for its i7 CPU. The display is 100 nits less bright than the MBP and the GPU is slightly (in my opinion) under-powered compared to the MBP.

That said - I really like the Air - always have since Steve pulled one out of the inter-office envelope. So unless you have really intensive CPU needs I don’t think you would go wrong with the Air. Just one person’s opinion of course. Take a look at that side by side page and see what speaks to you. Good luck with your purchase!


Remember, the 13 Pro still has the bad keyboard…


Finally, if my current MacBook (Pro, 15", 2013) dies, I know what laptop to get!!

As others have said, this will be the default recommendation. Then, if you need more power or a larger screen for whatever reason, we can wade into the weeds.

I have the same machine as you currently (well, 13", 2013 MBP). I love it, but I’m worried that it’s nearing time for a new one. At work (I posted about it here), I had an Air that I hated. As I consider getting a new machine under $1,500 price tag is way easier to take than the definitely over $2k. I’m hoping 16GB of RAM and that quad-core i7 makes a big difference.