New MacBook Pro.... Change Folder Name?

Hi All,

I just got the new MacBook Pro… I took the easy way out and transferred data from my Mini, but now my User Folder is called “RobeMini” - can I change that? How? Should I bother ? I plan on keeping my mini as a desktop if that makes a difference …


This should do it:

Thanks John… I should have googled first :grinning:

Another question - should I do it? Does it make a difference that my MacBook Pro user folder is the same as my Mini (assuming I keep the mini) ?

Thanks !

No, it shouldn’t matter. I have an iMac Pro and a MacBook Pro, and both use the same user name.

User name same on different machines is not an issue. We have a naming convention for computers and their hard disks. When I moved from my old computer to my new computer, I had to give the new computer a temporary name and hard disk name to avoid confusion when moving.

If (like me) you’ve been sloppy and hard-coded paths in scripts, it can be an advantage…

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