New MacBook Pro M1 Max with Apple Pro XDR?

I’m wondering if any of the early M1 Max adopters also have the Apple Pro XDR display and have used them together. I’ve read a review that a previous generation MBP ended up getting hot with fans running to keep up with the bandwidth that display requires and am wondering how this applies to the M1 Max MBP.

I’m looking at replacing an 27" iMac with a 27" LG second display with a single monitor plus the M1 Max MBP. The single monitor could be the 27" LG 5K but I’d like a little larger single screen to work with along with the extra pixel real estate too

The M1 Macs are already driving XDR with no issues. I am not seeing the Pro with such GPU power failing at that.

I’m kind of thinking (hoping) that’s likely the case. It’s really just how much data needs to be moving along that pipe for the 6K display.

What type of issues are you anticipating? Apple is specifically marketing that the M1 Max chip to drive several XDRs at the same time. The older M1 chip is doing a great job already, so if you are planning to get an XDR, go for it.

By the way, to my understanding and I might be wrong that @MacSparky owns an XDR and MBP with M1 Pro, he might add more context to that if they are not working well together.

So does @ismh (though I don’t know if he’s unplugged his XDR from the Mac Pro yet). Marco Arment has one as well and seems enthusiastic.

I don’t own an XDR (if wishes were fishes), but I’ve heard this wasn’t a problem anymore with Apple Silicon. Even the M1 Air drives the XDR without getting warm. I don’t think you have to worry. (And if it doesn’t work, you can return everything until January 8 right now.)

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Previous gen MBPs got hot driving anything. It wasn’t an XDR-specific problem so much as the entire generation being thermally compromised.

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went in and took a look at it today at an Apple store and talked to an Apple person there. The M1 max won’t have any issue driving that plus the LG5K I have (running laptop closed) and the display looks absolutely amazing, especially in full 6K desktop mode. You really need to have the mouse dialed up to be able to move around the huge real estate.

Order has been placed with delivery later this month and the M1 max arrives around Christmas. It will be a fun holiday break for sure!