New Magic Keyboard (2022) compability with Macbook Pro 2015

Hello everyone,

I am asking myself whether the new Magic Keyboard (launched in 2022) Magic Keyboard - US English - Apple is still comatible with the Macbook Pro 2015 (or even older).

Sadly those devices are not listed in the compability section from Apple. If aynone has the option to try it out and give a feedback I would be greatful. I will upgrade my Mac in a few years and it would be just nice to have the newst acessory just now.

Since the MacBook Pro 2015 can upgrade to macOS 11.3, it should be compatible.
The older Bluetooth standard shouldn’t be an issue as evidenced by inclusion of older Bluetooth 4.0 equipped Macs.

MacBook Pros are still a curious omission from their list.

Tried it out today. No problems under Big Sur, however on osx mjave the function keys dont work.

Are they set to require the Fn key in addition to the function key?

See the Keyboard item under System Preferences.

“use F1 keys as standarf function keys” was turned off under mojave and big sur. I just think that mojave is too old for the new keyboards, I will upgrade my osx soon anyways.