New member - My Desk setup 2021

Hi All,

I have been a Mac Power Users fan since the very first episode but had never joined the forum until now. So, I thought it appropriate to share my current desk setup as a start

I’m using a late 2015 iMac (4 Ghz i7) with a 27" LG 4K monitor as a second display. I’m desperately awaiting the next gen iMac’s.

Other things of note are:

  1. Scansnap ix1500
  2. KEF LS50 speakers (connected to a Arcam A32 amp)
  3. Focusrite Scarlet 2i4 audio interface
  4. Cambridge Audio DacMagic100 DAC
  5. Heil PR40 Microphone
  6. Cannon PRO-1 printer (under Desk)
  7. Logitec C922 Webcam
  8. Logitec MX Keys for Mac
  9. Logitec MX Master 3 for Mac
  10. Lego :blush:

I am predominantly an iMac / MacOS user. I do have some iPads and a MacBook Pro but rarely use them as I’m always at my desk and haven’t found a way to get them into my workflow.


If you’ve got a good workflow, there’s no need messing around with it.

I keep trying to find uses for my iPad but it keeps getting relegated to other things. The only use I have for it now is as a second monitor when I’m teaching from home, for marking homework, and for creating videos for lessons.

Otherwise, a nice, focused setup is really pleasant to use.



Nice setup!
Is audio your profession, or recreation?


LS50 as near fields …interesting.

I’m likely going to go for the eventual Meta version of the LSX but those may not be coming for a while …I’ve got time.

Nice Mic …are you podcasting or a singer?

How do you like your DacMagic? I saw Cambridge just announced their big brother DacMagic 200M and I’m eager to see how well it performs against other Balanced DAC with MQA support.

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Those legos caught my eyes more than anything else :sweat_smile:


Exactly! - I’m almost always at my desk so iPad (even if I went PRO) seems pointless. I am dabbling with using my iPad as a monitor/remote for recording videos using my iPhone though.

This. The Lego bricks. Definitely the Lego bricks.

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Yes, the Lego main street – really nice touch.

(Nice office too, of course :+1::+1:)

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That’s Lego, not Legos :wink:


Nice setup! What are the dimensions of the desk? Looks like you have a lot of space

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Thanks for the welcome John.

Audio is just recreational. I’ve always been a music fan and last time I looked for a nice set of speakers I came across the KEF’s. They weren’t necessarily meant for my desk at the time (back then I used one of the Bose companion setups), but made their way to the desk when we downscaled the “hi-fi” presence in our living space.

My current profession is somewhat stranger than audio I think - I sell lego :innocent:

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The LS50 weren’t originally bought for my desk setup but am glad they made their way here.

I consume almost all my music from desk computer these days (or the car). Though my separates are right next to the desk. I like the DacMagic but don’t have any great point of comparison. I don’t typcially follow audio hardware. I tend to just research when I need something - Otherwise I’d want to continually upgrade.

The Mic is a result of contemplating podcasting but never really took off in that context. But it has been used to record some video for my YouTube channel.

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Its about 2.5M x 0.6M which is just over 8’ x 2’ - Its really a kitchen counter top sat on a couple of Alex drawer units from IKEA.

I’d ideally like a little more depth.

Welcome, @Keith.

Nice clean looking setup. Thanks for sharing with us!

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On a scale of small arms to Lego, I’d go as far toward Lego as I could :slight_smile:


That is such an intriguing little village!!! I bet that was a lot of fun!

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Nice printer! Does not deserve to be hidden!

True, but it’s a huge beast of t a thing that needs a lot of desktop space.

Those LS50s! :drooling_face:

We’ve got our surround sound system for the TV built entirely with KEF’s Q series and I could not be more impressed by our audio. KEF makes absolutely incredible stuff, and those LS50 speakers are legendary. Super impressed.

Cool Lego, too.

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Nice setup. The dual 27” displays are nice. I have a HDMI switch if I am using my work computer at home I use the second display with that laptop. Push a button and I can switch it back to my iMac.

I like clean minimal setups that offer plenty of functionality.

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