New monitor (LG UltraWide)

Makes a big difference:




Nice improvement. I’ve been exceptionally pleased with the LG lines. I have three 27in (home, work, vacation home) in different flavors.

Next step – Add an external keyboard, an external mouse/trackpad/trackball, and a riser for the portable/air + monitor. The risers allow you to keep the keyboard + mouse/trackpad/trackball at a height recommended for ergonomic comfort while setting the external monitor + portable/air monitor to be “center-aligned horizontally” position where your eyes look straight on at the 25% - 50% position.

Bonus when the riser for the computer is also a cooling pad, especially for the non-M1/M2 portables.

And get special “computer distance” glasses with or without bifocal inserts for reading.

ps – desktop clutter is optional



I’ll take literally the largest display I can fit. Seriously considering a 48" OLED TV for my next display. I don’t game so I don’t need high refresh rate.

I had a curved LG Uktrawide display at my previous job, it was very, very good, especially with spreadsheets.

Not enough space at home though.

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I have an LG 32" and I love it. Best monitor I’ve ever had. I’m envious of the space that ultrawide gives you.

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Scratch the TV idea.

I watched a few videos and ultimately decided TV is too big. I think a 38” ultra wide would be perfect

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That’s a great upgrade!

I wish that someone would make an ultra wide monitor with retina grade resolution. I used to think that having two monitors is better than having a single ultra wide, but I find having to choose between symmetry or having my main work directly in front of me is irritating; an ultra wide solves that problem very nicely. Unfortunately, I’m completely addicted to the sharpness and clarity of retina resolutions. Why? Why can’t I have it all??? :laughing:


Even the monitors that do come close are crazy expensive! LG makes a 34in 5k2k monitor that sells for about $1500. That’s the same PPI as a 27in 4k monitor which you can get these days for like $400ish.


Symmetry vs a main display?

Apple thinks you should get a pro chip mini, or a max chip MacBook / Studio and then have 3 studio displays. Cost be damned.

What I meant was having a large display directly facing me vs two beside one another, with neither of them directly in front of me. (Not sure if I was clear about that)

Three Studio Displays would solve this problem nicely! :grin: