New Music/Apple TV apps - add to library without copying files?

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Since the move from iTunes to separate Music and TV apps, can I add media to the libraries
from a location anywhere on my Mac and have an option to leave in original location rather than copying to iTunes library? i.e. add a reference to a location rather than copying the file.

I thought this was the essence of how iTunes worked but the ‘Add to library…’ option seems to have been replaced by ‘Import…’ which seems to want to copy the file into the library as a default and unconfigurable behaviour.

I tried ‘Import…’ and it did indeed copy the file.

I’ve searched but not been able to find the answer. Its particularly important for me in order to watch movies on my Apple TV. This seems to work via the new TV app, but my files are not all in one place.


In preferences under ‘Files’ in music and tv app you still have the old ‘Keep Music / Media folder organised’ and ‘Copy files to music / media’ options.

I think you want to unselect the second one to stop files getting copied around.


Thank you so much @aardy. I was looking under ‘Organise Library’ rather than preferences. Unticking that box has given me the familiar ‘Add to library’.

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Glad it’s sorted for you :slight_smile: