New Office Setup

I’ve been planning for a long time to convert a spare room (that was a playroom for my kids when they were younger) into an office.

The setup is: MacBook Air M1, 32" LG Monitor, iPad Pro 12.9", iPad mini (5th gen), Brother AWS-100W Scanner, Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Pro Dock, 6TB LaCie HDD, Bose Sound Bar, HomePod, Jabra Mic, Logitech Webcam.


Nice, the black metal work with dark wood and space grey peripherals looks very smart :slight_smile:


Looks good. Like being able to swing around to work with the iPad. What resolution is the monitor?


I’d love to have an L-shaped desk again.


Very nice, interested in monitor resolution as well!

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I run it scaled at 1440p, the monitor is 4K HDR.

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Nice! Thank you for sharing.

What chair are you using?

When you use the webcam for Zoom or whatever, does the bright light from the window on the left cause much glare?

The chair I use is this one:

I’ve had it a couple of years and it is really comfortable. I’ve also a sofa to the left of the image that I use for reading and relaxing. I’ve always had a sofa in my office as I think it’s good to be able to chill at regular intervals.

The light is only a problem at certain times of the day (I live in a country with lots of sun so this is everyday), so I have an external blind on the window and lighting for that 1 hour or less of the day when it the sun is coming directly in. Other times of the day are fine for videoconferences, the window is completely out of view so it doesn’t cause issues when there is no direct sunlight on me.

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very nice.

I’m going a conversion myself. I’m chunking the traditional titanic wooden desk in favor of three 24x72 powered desks for a horseshoe. my working back be to the wall. I need the room and the freedom to move about within the space. its a fung shui thing somewhat, but practical as well.

M1 MacBook Air, iPad Air4, and a couple of monitors will be the “system”.

Hil the place has potential I would put some shade on the window some photos on the wall and work on cable management-under the desk andmaybe some lights

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Got concrete poured for my studio expansion.


What’s the floor plan for your studio? Looks roomy.

The current building is 12x16; this is another 12x16 section

Fantastic! May your new studio meet your needs for many years to come.

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What webcam is that? I am in the market for one which will works really well for teleconferencing that will not burn my pocket.

It’s the Logitech C920. Definitely recommend, great picture and won’t break the bank.


Cinderblock or wood framing?

Did this conversation happen? “But Honey… the kids don’t need a big backyard. The Park is just down the street!” Inquiring minds have to ask…

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This side will be wood.

And yes, it took like 18 months to come to an agreement