New OmniFocus Shortcuts Action with Magic Variables

I recognize that this could be in The Automators discord, but I’ve never gotten my confirmation email when signing up. I digress…

I’ve been trying to use the new OmniFocus actions within shortcuts to reduce the amount of inbox processing I have to do later. I thought I could simply do some choose from list actions to select a string of text for projects and tags, but the OmniFocus Add Item action drops all of that metadata when it goes into OF.

An example: Add “test” to “Personal Tasks” selecting tag “Technology : Email” - the result is a “test” action in my inbox in OF with no tags. My guess is the OF action doesn’t want plain text as an input for projects and tags. Any guidance would be appreciated, but Google seems to be of no help. I’m trying to avoid URL schemes and taskpaper if possible.

Federico Viticci’s work on this might interest you, albeit it is paywalled:

Also, you may want to check out the Omni Slack workspace if you’re getting into this!

Last: a question-correction–you meant the Automators Discourse, yes? I’m not aware of an Automators Discord

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Suggest taking a look at this thread in the Omnigroup forum…


Thank you @RogerDowning - this is exactly what I was looking for

Lol, touché I mixed up my social apps :blush:

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After checking out the suggested threads and realizing how complicated this is, I am back to a URL scheme to quickly list-select common projects and tags for quick-entry. The new shortcuts actions aren’t the game changer I thought they’d be, yet. It feels pointless to have an “add item” action with no ability to leverage magic variables.

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I felt the same way. There’s progress being made, so hopefully we’ll see that kind of power soon.