"New"/"Open Box" MacBook: what to test?

This week I bought an “Open Box” MacBook Air.

Which tests do you recommend I perform to check that this “almost new” Mac is OK?

This is what I already did:

  1. Check the casing for bumps, spots, etc.
  2. Check battery with coconutBattery (Cycle Count was 1, Design Capacity 97%)
  3. Check screen for dead pixels with a random Dead Pixel Test website
  4. Check keyboard with a random Mac Keyboard Tester website
  5. Check audio by playing any random video from YouTube
  6. Check the USB ports, USB cable, and charger by charging from both ports

What else should I check?

One thing I definitely still want to check is the SSD. What do you recommend for that?


You might find this video interesting Is a refurbished MacBook worth it?. It is a chap comparing a new MBP with a refurbished one - he goes through a similar process as you have done. He mostly uses the system information to look at the battery etc, but he does use a terminal app to test the SSD - I am not sure but I think it is smartmontools - this Macworld article explains a bit more. Looks complex

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Run Apple Diagnostics on it.


I yesterday found a similar article mentioning the same tool and already have this on my todo list (haven’t installed anything on this Mac yet, so no Homebrew there yet).

Did not think of that, but will definitely run it.

Thank you both!

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