New Project creation in Omnifocus

I hear about people creating specialized workflows using Shortcuts to enter create new projects into applications like OmniFocus. What is the benefit of this method vs having a template project and duplicating that as needed? It seems to be simpler and less brittle albeit less sexy. Am I missing something?

I have a few reasons why I do this:

  • Dynamic templates, they ask me which chunks I need for the next version of a project and only produce the tasks I need
  • Due/defer dates - this cant be done inside OF (right now), but in Shortcuts I can ask myself for a date and calculate relative to that when chunks are complete
  • Integration into systems, many of these templates have due dates I put in my calendar for visibility, documents I create in other apps, by running one Shortcut everything is done at once instead of me remembering to create the support material, add the event, email person A, etc.

I actually do it because it is quicker. If I think of something that should become a project I tap the shortcut on my homescreen, and Iā€™m instantly creating the project in OF the way I want it to be. No looking through OF, clicking/tapping a lot and fiddling with the interface. Just clean input, and no distractions.


Do you have shortcut template you would be willing to share?