New (refurb) M1 MB Air (2020) - straight to Monterey!

Barely got logged in after migration asst. and already downloading Monterey. 12.1GB! Could take a bit on RV park WiFi…

color doesn’t really show well, unfortunately…


Congrats on the new machine. I’ve also got the M1 Air and couldn’t be happier. It copes even with my most demanding work and the weight and portability makes it my ideal work companion.

I don’t envy trying that download on weak WiFi!


8 or 16gb. Am also planning on an air trying to decide if worth the extra ram.

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If you’re wondering, get more.


16GB - was going to settle for 8GB but a refurb popped up just in time…

I got the 16gb/1tb, and I’ve never had an out of memory error (touch wood!).

I do some 4K video editing and development work, so got the 16gb model for these tasks in particular.

I also have the 8gb Mini for my daughter and that’s fine for basic tasks (office apps and web browsing) and some light gaming. She’s also not had any issues at all, but that machine doesn’t do anything demanding.

I recently cleaned my Intel MB Air so I know how nice it looks w/ a clean screen. But this M1 screen - wow! I can’t figure out what’s different exactly, but reading text is so much nicer - crisp, clean. It’s just a noticeable difference!

That’s exactly what I did. Grabbed a refurb 16GB/1TB, figuring it could effectively be a drop-in replacement for my desktop machine if I wanted.

And I’m doing the same thing right now - downloading Monterey. :smiley:

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I only went w/ 512GB since this was 4x my previous drive. Still enough for my entire doc/media collection. Especially after I cull everything and set it all to Optimize (as needed).

I would’ve absolutely done the 512 if it were available in 16GB RAM. That was my big qualifier - I can always add more storage. Can’t always add more RAM.

As it is, for the regular price of a 7-Core GPU/16GB/512GB Air I got an 8-Core GPU/16GB/1TB.

Refurb price seems about same as education pricing….?

Do the refurb ever go on sale? I know with Black Friday might see some MacBook Air deals but who knows with chip shortages.

I’ve never seen a “sale” on refurb. They’re typically about $200 or so off - a “free” RAM upgrade or SSD upgrade territory. Makes them a pretty good deal, sale or not. :slight_smile:

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Your new Mac has a retina screen, whereas the old one does not. Almost four times as many pixels per letter on screen.

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Oh yeah! Retina. That’s it.