New Reminders (OS 13) in place of Omnifocus

So I installed the new iOS today and I have moved things over from Omnifocus, reasonably impressed so far, its nowhere near as powerful but I think it will likely do what I need it to. I am trying to reduce the number of apps I use so figured I would give it a go.

Has anyone else tried it? Any tips / suggestions?

If there is anything anyone wants me to try for their own workflow I am happy to. It has repeating reminders now which was always the thing I needed but never used Omnifocus to its full ability. I am happy to manually review my lists (projects).

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Does the new Apple Reminders have nagging like the Due app?

Did you have to install Catalina on a Mac so that you could install iOS 13? When I went to install iOS 13, a prompt stated that I had to have Catalina for this to work.

Nope, had an issue at first, think it is to do with the new sync in finder rather than iTunes. The workaround is to install the Xcode Beta and then put ios13 on from Mac, worked fine after that. I have separately put Catalina on a partition to try sidecar (which I am really impressed by) but that was after I had updated phone / iPad.

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I haven’t ever used Due so googled what you mean, if I am understanding what you are looking at, the idea of it kind of letting you snooze the reminder?

Have just set a test one to check and when it comes on it puts a notification on the main screen, which if force touched / long pressed gives the option of completed, remind in an hour, remind tonight or remind tomorrow.

Sorry if I have totally misunderstood what you mean!

The usp in Due is that it keeps reminding you until you mark it done. So there isn‘t only one notification you might ignore, but another one after 5 minutes and another one and another one (you can customize the interval).

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Ah ok, in which case, no look like you have the option to essentially defer the reminder but if you don’t then it doesn’t seem to do anything more.

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I haven’t watched the keynote yet. What did they change in reminders??

And someone mentioned Due, I have been on the fence about buying it, is it worth it??? And do you use Due and reminders ?


I don’t use due so can’t comment.

Reminders they just made a lot more feasible, you can set repetition etc now so just make it possible to use as a practical solution.

Depends on your use case though I guess, i didn’t use all of what onions is capable of, found I was losing the ‘saved’ time organising and reviewing it so it was counter productive at the time. As my work pattern changes it may become mot beneficial but for now reminders seems to handle what i need in is new guise.

Repetition is possible in iOS 12 (and previously) in Reminders on iOS and also in macOS. On either OS, when the “On a Day” option is selected, the “Repeat” dialog can be accessed.


As I see it, this will repeat the task, e. g. daily or weekly. But what Due does is repeat the reminder until you mark the thing finished (but since some iOS update it repeats only a limited number of times, not indefinitely as before).


Had never noticed this!

Yes, repeating is different than nagging – though with some bosses it seems like they are exactly congruent experiences!!

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I used Reminders in iOS 13 for a few days and loved it. Has the flexibility I want in being able to create a today list with no time elements. Kind of a combo of Things and OmniFocus for me use. I don’t use tags but do flag things.

Hope it’s ok to post a link to my blog post.

Reminders in iOS 13


@Wolfie is right about reminders, it doesn’t nag you. I tried it out and I hit remind me in 1 hour and did it again in another hour but it never reminded me. So a I understand what he is saying and now it makes sense to me about what people are saying about due.

@LJPUK what kind of tags can you do? Can you share a picture? Your other pictures look great, reminders looks much better, I will be using that again. I went from reminders to Omnifocus 3, things, GoodTask back to reminders.

No tags unfortunately but you can flag.

You have to have Catalina beta or Xcode 11 beta

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Anyone know what the ‘upgrade’ button does (other than leave out shared users without iOS 13 or Mac OS 10.15)?
I have several lists shared so I haven’t pulled the trigger there…

Sure looks like Reminders in iOS 13 and I assume Catalina will more than adequately replace GoodTask, for the purposes I use GT.

Backend needs updating. You can’t use reminders on iOS 12 if you upgrade.