New 'Send-to-Kindle' now syncs docs across devices including highlights!

Just launched Kindle on my Mac and was pleasantly surprised to see this wishlist feature of mine finally implemented!

Here are the details and MacOS download:

But basically you can add documents from your Mac (tested PDF, Word so far) via Finder, print, drag/drop and they will sync across your devices including highlights!

Pretty excited to try this out more and there seems to be no coverage of it anywhere yet.


I recently received my dad’s old Kindle and got it registered to my Amazon account, I’ve been meaning to try using it for reading (and cutting down on the number of physical books I’m holding onto) so this could come in very handy.

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Me, too.

Your link says “Note: Beginning in late 2022, Send to Kindle applications will support EPUB (.EPUB) format.”

This gives me hope (because the .mobi file format is being retired) that I’ll be able to email my non-DRM ePub books to my Kindle for reading outdoors in the sunlight!

Ah yes I spotted that though didn’t focus on it since I’ve only really bought my e-books from the Kindle Store (all my others are physical otherwise). I’d done this consciously over the years since I loved the Kindle out of all the eReaders and didn’t want to deal with the hassle of manually moving stuff around. It was nice to have my library everywhere I had a collection. I do see the value though.

Where do you get non-DRM books from?

Edit: I also noticed that Kindle offers to convert PDFs to Kindle format. Testing this out in case the formatting works it could be useful:

And also this notice:

Baen, Tor, Take Control, O’Reilly, Pragmatic Programmers …

Can you verify that this works with Apple Silicon before I download it?

“ System Requirements

  • A Mac with a 500 MHz Intel processor or faster”

Kindle is currently still an Intel app but runs with no issues for reading on my M1 MacBook Air. (Most Intel apps run fine on Apple Silicon due to the amazing job Apple did with their Rosetta 2 translation environment.)