New Sonoma OS for Macs

Sonoma is released to the general public today. The times vary according to which country you are in. I will probably wait a week or so to allow any bugs to be ironed out.


I’ll probably wait for a short while for my main computer but. I’ll install it on my MacBook Air this evening and watch for all of the problems that it might have. A kind of Airing of grievances :grin:

I am disappointed that Apple says my IMac 2017 (not pro) is not compatible.

You can install OpenCore Legacy Patcher and get Sonoma on your Mac. I’ve had a 2013 iMac (last supported OS Catalina) running on Ventura for a year. The patcher isn’t yet updated for Sonoma but probably will be in a few weeks.

I don’t criticise Apple for not supporting older machines. One can debate how long the support period ought to be, but given how close coupled Apple software and hardware are, I think they’re right not to try and maintain legacy support for the very long term. It was the ruin of Windows for many years.

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Do we know how long before the full installer package is available for download. It is not in the Mac App Store (at least when I searched)?

My major frustration so far is that the new OS text system (which includes a very much improved autocomplete) has removed configurability around things like the cursor. In previous versions, it was possible to change the cursor blink rate. E.g. this would set the blink to every ten seconds:

defaults write -g NSTextInsertionPointBlinkPeriod -float 10000
defaults write -g NSTextInsertionPointBlinkPeriodOn -float 10000
defaults write -g NSTextInsertionPointBlinkPeriodOff -float 10000

It no longer has any effect under Sonoma. Personally, I find the blinking cursor quite annoying, so I liked to change it. Not the end of the world, but a removal of configurability at a low level; a simplification, if not dumbing down, of macOS going along with its modernisation.

I’ve logged this as an issue with the Feedback Assistant app. Will see if anything changes in future.

I’ve also been getting some glitches writing text in certain apps, but it’s difficult to tell if that’s the OS or an implementation issue.

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When I updated my copy of Scrivener they (Literature&Latte) claimed that cursor was changed to make it more iOS-like. Seems to be a common trend that I don’t like at all. I find the new completion feature very visually annoying, but at least it can be turned off.

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