New subscription available: Panera $8.99/month unlimited coffee

Not really Mac or software related, but it is subscription related. And we all know that MPU users love discussing subscriptions.

Panera has announced an $8.99/month unlimited coffee subscription:

So it anyone getting it and what do you think of this offer? Personally I’m not a coffee drinker so I’ll be passing on this, but I’m curious what others think.

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Seems off-topic (and is!), yet it was already discussed a week ago. :wink:

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Probably going to do it. Any size coffee every two hours is a sweet deal.

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Waiting for Starbucks to offer their version now.
Brueggers did this too. Bottomless coffee ( Not sure if they do now) But it was an annual upfront payment.

Don’t hold your breath. Panera is doing this because they need to (parent company owns Krispy Kreme and Caribou Coffee - not exactly unqualified successes these days), and it will result in morning crushes at stores which could alienate regulars. Starbucks is busy enough in the mornings already, and their sales and stock price are fine without offering daily cups at a 90% discount. They already hold $1.56 billion in stored value form prepaid SBUX cards (thanks for the free float, customers!), and have had a points-based program for years. They’re doing nicely without having to discount their main product.

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Yes. Agreee. Although nothing can beat their free refills while you are in the store. But most locations I have seen, they just refill it if you are a returning back if you are. a regular. :slight_smile:

Refillls are 49¢ plus tax, although that’s not on their main board. (Using a Starbucks card may make it free.) But again, don’t count on them following Panera down this particular hole.

If there was a Panera (St Louis Bread Co in my town) nearer my home or office I would do this in a heartbeat. Sadly both locations are out of the way enough that I wouldn’t use it consistently.

That being said, I think it’s definitely a loss leader for Panera. They hope you’ll grab a muffin, bagel, lunch, or whatever while you’re in there. Panera has gone downhill lately with too many gimmicks - like serving your food or delivery - while prices go up and the food suffers in my opinion. Starbucks and the local shop will continue to get most of my coffee dollars.

Why wait two hours!!

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