New "thinking" app for the iPad: Muse

Anyone playing with Muse yet?

I’ve started toying with it a bit and want to chat w/folks who are also playing with it.


Looks a bit like an iPad-first equivalent of Curio, but with less power.

Man, if it could only be Scapple, I’d already be hugely interested.

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Looks very interesting, but at $99/year it will need to be very good.

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So is it just a canvas app? There are lots of canvas apps for iPadOS – what does Muse do that ZoomNotes, Microsoft Whiteboard, Concepts, Linea, etc. do not. (Of these, ZoomNote is the most feature-rich, including the weirdest, most-unintuitive interface on the iPad Platform).

Sorry for the digression, I know @beck is looking for fellow-Muse-travelers, but I would be interested in what’s compelling about Muse before jumping into it.

From what I see, Muse appears to be more powerful than most in terms of incorporating documents and web pages and making it easy to clip from them.

Linea and Concepts are great, but definitely more art-focused; MS Whiteboard doesn’t allow adding documents or web clippings easily. I hadn’t checked on ZoomNotes, but if it’s as unintuitive as you say, Muse may have it beat as well.

LiquidText is another app to compare. It seems maybe like if LiquidText and Linea had a baby you’d get Muse?

Anyway, it’s intriguing to me. But that price is very high. I’ll have to give it a shot if or when I’m added to the beta, or using a free trial when it’s released.

Thanks for the insights @ciaran. If you (or Beck) share experiences with Muse it would be helpful.

Right with you. Love Curio, would be interested in this as well, but potentially at $100 as a one-time fee – certainly not willing to part with $100 annually.

The Muse Twitter account is more informative about work in progress than their website.

Note: Once invited to the beta (took less than 24h), you can play with the app with up to 100 cards w/o subscribing.

Muse seems to offer some nice features, but not for $ 99 per year. I will keep using Goodnotes for the work Muse aims at.

I received my Muse invitation for the 100-card trial. Takes about 5 minutes to run through all the features. It’s a nice crisp interface and does OK with the rest of iPad infrastructure for capturing content. PDF markup appears to be limited to drawing on top of the image layer – I don’t see annotations stored back to the PDF.

FWIW, for $15/year the “pro” version of Corkulous app that was reinvigorated a few months ago after years of neglect seems to have 100% feature parity with Muse, plus beyond that it has a much broader feature set that Muse does not have. Corkulous’ UI is not as “modern” as Muse, but I think it’s a better bargain for anyone not willing to go all-in on ZoomNotes.

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I didn’t know that app but I have to say I just had a lot of fun reading the scathing replies the devs made to the dumb App Store comments.

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