New to Me M1 IPP

New to me Apple refurbished M1 iPad Pro just arrived. I …. AM …. IN ….🩷

Yes yes, I know, new ones are coming but don’t need the latest and greatest. Now I understand what all of you have been raving about all this time! Coming from a 7 year old iPad this thing is a BEAST!

And what a great deal on the Apple refurbished site #swoon


Isn’t it an amazing computing device, I’ve had one since first order date, love it, my only gripe is that it is quite heavy, but that’s where the battery and power (and amazing screen) balance things.

They are going to need to pull something amazing out of the bag with the next generation to get me to upgrade, and this is from someone who has basically upgraded iPads year on year until now (easy when you have family to hand through still great hardware).

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So impressed especially coming out of my old model. For my use case, bumping up to M3 would be a waste. Stuck with the 11” instead of the 12.9” because I love using my MBA 13” so much.