New version of Myst for M1 Macs

I decided to purchase the new version of Myst that is now on the App Store. It’s $30 but oh man is it worth it. I had played on older ported version of the game and it was tragic but somewhat nostalgic. This updated version is really, really nice even with some of the changes that have been made. I can recommend it for fans of the game.

One thing I’m sad about, but it was unavoidable, is that the characters (brothers, and dad) are CGI now instead of the old creepy videos from the original game. Alas, I’m okay with that loss for all the other benefits that I’m seeing so far.


Father Gabe … you’re going to end up costing me money.


Hmm, this does look good. I’d love for my kids to experience Myst similarly to how I did at their age.

And yes, I’d love to see an indie game revival of that style of live action video in games. Same for Westwood’s pre-mission skits. Sets and cameras with light digital finishing can be done so much more cheaply today!


Oh man, I hadn’t thought of the old Command and Conquer skits. Those were great.


It looks cool. Any way you can cheat a little? Those sort of puzzle games are not my forté.

If you Google Myst remake walkthrough you’ll see tons of spoilers. Really recommend exploring the island and trying a few things yourself first. The game makes a lovely first impression.

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Oh I definitely will!!