New watch, now what?

I just got a new Apple Watch (S3). I got it in an effort to use my phone less: I absolutely rely on my phone to capture notes and tasks as I think of them and to be reminded of appointments and tasks, but the temptation to get sucked into other things is strong. I was thinking a watch plus a pocket notebook would give me both capture and reminder, sans phone, sans distraction.

Until now I’d essentially ignored discussions about the watch. So now I fell a bit lost. Where do I start? What are the indispensable apps and killer Workflows?

Is there a particularly good MPU episode to check out?

I would say if you want to take notes, drafts on your phone and the complication on your watch for dictation. I use that a lot and it’s pretty decent at recognition.

Just press record is also good.

Get in the habit of using dictation for texts, saves a lot of time and hassle, again pretty accurate.

Exercise without your phone and use watch for music.

I can’t immediately think of how else I use mine but I’m sure there are more ways. I tried the same principle of using phone less. It’s worked in the main. I got a cellular model but the carriers here are limited and when I switched carrier I lost that facility which was annoying.

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Multiple faces and complications for different activity modes/parts of the day. I got the idea from @Wilson_Ng here.

Agreed Drafts is really useful, especially if you want to look up text on your phone since Notes doesn’t carry over.

A lot of it is personal, though. You’ll get far just observing what you actually use and going exploring when you have a need or you have an empty complication space and want to do more.