New Years Resolutioners - what are you using for health and weight loss tracking?

The usual calories trackers (Myfitnesspal and noom etc.) is a great option for the food, but wondering if anyone has any good software or apps to track and forecast weight loss more so than plan workouts etc. (I just use Apple Fitness after giving up on Jefit).

I am using Lose It for calorie counting. Great product, and I enjoy it more than MyFitnessPal. I have the widget on Home Screen at all times.


There is a YouTube channel by Bryan Castillo which I have found helpful and I’ve adapted it to my Garmin. He tracks calories in and out using the Apple watch. Won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but quite a simple approach.

I don’t pretend to be shredded ( :rofl:) but I do like his approach.

how i use the Apple Watch to STAY SHREDDED!:fire: - YouTube

I’m working off a base of 2,047 calories per day as Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR - blue bars) + burning 1,000 calories per day through activity (red bars) - I’m not quite there yet.


Also, PSA: neither he nor I are medically qualified in any way so … there is that!

The notches on my belt.


I have used and loved Trendweight for over a decade. It doesn’t do anything fancy, and doesn’t want your money. You can connect it to your Withings scale.

Its the DayOne for the struggles of weight loss.

I’ve used Happyscale for a good number of years now. Links to Apple Health, so if you have a a smart scale linked to AH, it’ll pick up the measurements.

My Garmin scale recently died and wasn’t able to connect to my wifi so we’ve got a Withings scale - which I hate and I’d never buy again. It takes to long to measure anything. The Garmin could also auto guess who was on the scale but Withings requires me to select the user each time. The only reason it was purchased was becuase I got suckered in by the Withings Baby Mode and pregnancy features when my wife was pregnant.

In terms of changes for the new year, I’m thinking I’ll ditch my Garmin and move back to Apple Watch. I’d love an Ultra, but again, the cost of that is concerning (my phone provider does not support cellular service on the Apple Watch either, so I’ve never bothered with cellular). The Garmin is currently great for on the bike, but my cycling hours have drastically reduced this year and that isn’t likely to change next year.

I did want to purchase a Theme Journal for this year and use that to help, but shipping and taxes make it cost prohibitive to the UK, as well as the fallen value of the $/£, so I’ll have to do with just journalling about it in Obsidian as I did this year.

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+1 on the belt. I’ve also found the bathroom mirror helpful.

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I’ve been using the slightly gamified Scelta: Track My Weight for years.

I have for a long time despised the concept of calorie (in fact kilojoule) tracking because it is either hilariously inaccurate or depressingly complex or both, unless you only eat stuff out of boxes.

I have been (automatically) logging my weight daily for years now and find that pretty effective. I use a Beurer scale, but I know the Withings ones get great reviews all the time and know people who love them.

I don’t need to track my input with numbers. I know roughly what I ate and I now know what causes weight gain and what it takes for weight loss. Have I lost weight? Not a lot for much of the time, but I also haven’t gained any.

Yes, your weight will vary day to day, but you will see trends and in my experience I can usually pin down any significant changes to something specific. Maybe two fast food meals in one day? That’ll do it!

The key thing I have also proven to myself is that food and exercise are not the only variables in this equation. Being sick or otherwise stressed can make a huge difference. It’s not a great way to lose weight but it is quite effective!

I used to use the Activity tracking on Apple Watch but that just annoyed me a lot of the time, so I quit using that, too. Being automatic, it’s not like the intake monitoring, but Apple’s prescriptive “every day like every other” and limited options for customising just make the downsides outweigh the upsides for me. I still go for a long walk most days and now I just don’t care what that does for “my numbers”.

I do track workouts on my new rowing machine, but that’s more out of data nerd curiosity than anything.

In summary, I track my weight daily (to 10ths of a kilogram) because it’s not easy to see/feel weight gain/loss in the short to medium term and beyond that, I have learned how my body reacts.

Cronometer tracks calories and a lot of other health and fitness data. You can input food of course, but also fitness goals, exercise events, biometrics (body measurements, cardio-related, labs, sleep), etc. Integrates with Apple fitness, Apple health and other app and devices.

I’ve been using Lose It daily for 14 years. It’s lived on the right side of my iPhone dock the whole time. That’s extraordinary, considering how often I switch most of my other apps.

I use the Apple Watch to track workouts. Workouts are walking, a little more than three miles daily.

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