Newb needs help with Shortcuts

Hello all! And yes I did purchase the Shortcuts field guide, but it’s not helping me right now. I’m a complete newb to automation. And I’m stuck. I’m trying to create a shortcut to select a series of photos, then move these photos to a files folder, then delete photos from my photo library.

I’m trying to work off a shortcut in the gallery. The shortcut selects and deletes but doesn’t move the photos into the files. I will greatly appreciate any help!


I figured it out! I needed to convert the photos to jpeg. Thanks Reddit!

I’m kinda feeling proud!

Please critique the shortcut or give me feedback on how to make it more efficient.

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Nice shortcut. I’ve also only started this year. Another option is to use the share sheet such that you can select photos within the Photos app, if that is useful in your workflow.

I’m grateful for the idea!

I also have no idea what you are talking about : )

Can you give me an example?

  1. If you click on the three lines slider (upper right) you get the option to Show in Share Sheet.
  2. That brings up the Receive Any… block, clicking on the “Any” allows you to narrow down the choices
  3. You don’t have to do this, but you can pick only Images.

Now this option will appear in the share sheet when you select images.

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I get what you mean now. Thank you. I tried that but it disrupts my workflow as it wants me to select the photos again. I need to figure out how to avoid that. Clearly I need to get rid of the part of my shortcut that selects the photos.

I’ll play around with it.