News Explorer for RSS

Is anyone using this app on Mac or iOS? I came upon a post on Medium from someone who migrated to this app from Reeder, noting that it handles Twitter and YouTube feeds, and has an apparently good Apple TV app. Review says gestures are less polished than Reeder’s but overall offers more for his needs.

I’m going to download the sever day free trial on my Mac but has anyone else experience using this app?

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I use News Explorer on both Mac and iOS and have found it to be pretty good.

Things I like…

  • Allows subscription to RSS feeds and Twitter in a single app
  • Can sync feed status between devices without the need for a separate feed aggregator
  • Reasonably flexible notification configuration

The user interface is relatively clear and easy to use, but errs more towards the traditional RSS reader style.

There are quite a lot of configuration options, although it’s not always immediately clear exactly what some of them do.

To be honest I still prefer something like Tweetbot for reading my Twitter timeline as it makes it so easy to start from the last tweet read and scroll through the unread tweets.

So overall a qualified thumbs up and definitely worth a try.


Ron Elemans the developer says he’s got a big 2.0 version coming this year (no ETA other than that). I just bought the iOS version last night and I like the Twitter functionality like @RogerDowning mentions.

I started out expecting the usual Feedly, Feebin etc login but was surprised that it’s good ole fashioned OPML.

And it’s available via Setapp!

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I’ve been using it for the last 9 months and have really liked it a lot. I was surprised I hadn’t read about it with the likes of Reeder, etc.

Once I can confirm it works with my RSS service (Newsblur) I’ll download it this weekend and try it out.

I have been looking at getting RSS set up and a lot of the software is pretty bad

Reeder 4

Then I tried News Explorer and it checks all my boxes.

Plus as @wweber previously stated it is available on SetApp

Any Mac user that is not using Set App is just plain crazy! It is the best deal on software ever.

I looked into the app and contacted the dev and decided against it, unfortunately. News Explorer doesn’t have hooks into RSS services: you’re expected to grab the feeds with the app. Not only do I use a feed service, but manually grabbing feeds is not practical as I’m currently subscribed to over 1,400 feeds - it would either take way too long or necessitate keeping the app running in the background constantly.


So @bowline I am trying to understand this here as I have not been able to find a good resource for learning about RSS feeds. So from my understanding (Correct me if I am wrong) that you use a feeder service like Feedbin to grab all of your feeds from your 1400 source (WOW!) and then use an RSS reader to transfer the collected feeds from Feedbin. Yes I do not see where you can connect a service like Feedly to News Explorer

So if you are using a service like Feedly why would you need an additional reader as I am assuming that you can just use their front-end software to read?

I am liking News Explorer as well for its ability to read select Twitter feeds so I do not get sucked into the Twitter vortex

Readers are a much better way to read feeds than the clunky interface on websites for the feed services.

I use News Explorer and imported from Feedly with no problem. I think I had Feedly export as OPML and imported from there. I prefer having my subscription and reading syncing privately on iCloud.

Yes, importing a feed list from OPML is no problem - and it’s something you could do a decade ago with apps like NetNewsWire. But the main advantage of a feed service is that it polls all your sites (I have 1423 right now) for you and they’re available immediately on the website and within seconds on a reader app. Also, services like NewsBlur, which I use, offer full-text search, they can show you popular sites, popular saved pages, let you tag, let you create saved searches. NewsBlur lets you ‘train’ feeds to flag based on site, type of post, author, and blog tag. You can also create a mini blog in which you can privately share feed stories with others via link. NewsBlur is also free for up to 64 sites, and is one of the cheapest services unlocked, for $36/yr. Services like this offer so much more than having to manually pull up individual feeds by themselves.