News From Bear (coming soon stuff)

A new version—iOS Bear is coming out first quarter of the year.

The tables feature caught my eye.

Like the Mac version, Editor 2.0 will be a massive addition to Bear for iOS. It brings handfuls—plural!—of new and requested features to your writing, noting, and dreaming in Bear. Features like:

  • Tables - Yes, you read that right!
  • Hide Markdown formatting
  • Nested styles like bold, links, and #tags in headers
  • Right-to-left languages like Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian
  • Image resizing

There are even some exclusives to iOS!

  • An all-new custom formatting keyboard
  • Revamped Apple Pencil support (now using Apple’s official PencilKit tools)
  • A document scanner
  • A new iOS 14 photo picker

This complete Editor rewrite is a massive undertaking, and we know it has been (and continues to be) a long wait. But with all the incredible new features and Bear for web on the way, we think it will be worth it.


Cool! Bear is one of those apps that I use lightly and when I use it more heavily I find myself bumping into things it can’t do/doesn’t do well… but I like it enough to want to keep trying.

Thanks for sharing, hadn’t seen this elsewhere.

What will eventually become Bear’s editor for macOS is hived off as a separate app, just for alpha testing purposes, called Panda.


My dream is to see Bear upgraded with true Obsidian-like features: E2EE, aliases and a graph. I love Obsidian but the fact that’s it’s Electron grates on me, and I miss a true mobile app (which should ship next year, though).


I hope Obsidian’s mobile app turns out to be more than what the road currently describes it.

Screenshot of Safari (12-19-20, 4-53-21 AM)

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I don’t believe it will, honestly. The devs have fulfilled all their roadmap promises so far, and kudos to them, but they do stick to it, which is amazing given all that they have accomplished, but in this case, a curse.

I still find myself eyeing Bear continuously. It’s so feature-complete on iOS.

I think I will just get a 13’ MBP with an Mx chip and be done with iPadOS at some point.


Panda for iOS is available in TestFlight.


Am testing Panda now, and my oh my is it good!

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Bear took so long updating their features that their updated feature set already looks behind. I wish they were more forward looking.


By the way, it’s worth mentioning that the Obsidian mobile apps promise to be much more than what was promised. Many plugins work in the first betas, which in itself, is already way beyond initial hopes.


Just curious, what do you feel it is missing?

It feels like Roam and Notion have pushed things so far ahead in terms of organization and linking and visualization. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved bear from the beginning. It’s a great app, but it looks like it will continue to be underpowered compared to the Crafts of the world.

They have such a opportunity to capture a foothold in the PKM territory but they are focused on formatting in the editor.

Seems that way anyways.


:+1: :+1: … way more

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