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Trying to clean up by email inbox from all the newsletter subscriptions.

Which web service/software do you all use to read newsletters? I am guessing it is going to provide one email address that you will input into opt-in box when signing up for the newsletters?

Here are some options I found. Not clear/sure if all these support newsletters… (the only one that clearly says newsletters are supported. Update: and Inoreader)

I’m a long time user of Feedly, which supports newsletter subscriptions. It works the way you described, an email address you can use to subscribe or redirect an existing subscription to.

Matter is popular. It’s a subscription.

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Can Devonthink do something similar? I know it subscribes to rss feeds.

For sure I can recommend Inoreader but I use it for RSS - I don’t know more powerful service. But newsletters? I use ordinary mail reader Spark. I prefer RSS for sure where I have e.g. 200 news every day. Newsletters - I avoid such subscriptions. For sure Spark has “smart folders” which could help a bit.


Do remember that some newsletter providers do have an RSS feed. Substack does for example.

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Two of the recent answers are what I do. I use Reeder which is inexpensive along with Kill The Newsletter. I’ll use the direct RSS feed like Substack’s if it has one.

One benefit of KTN is that if you want to take a break from a newsletter, you just delete it from Reeder. You can then add it again without having to resubscribe to the newsletter itself.

Using KTN also keeps you anonymous. But most importantly, keeps your email inbox a lot more sane. You get to choose when you open Reeder and look at the newsletters vs the constant pings in your inbox.

Tip: if you go the KTN route, write down each feed so you have it.

FYI since someone alluded to it. If you use Readwise Reader, unless they have changed, I’m pretty certain they pull feeds on a schedule so you may not get an email as soon as you would like.

My idea is simpler, I setup an email rule that directs all newsletters to another folder called Feed. This way they don’t fill up my Inbox, but they are sitting there for me when I have time to read them.

Readwise Reader is excellent for this.

DEVONThink can do this but it’s an ugly interface. I used it for years anyway but have recently switched to Readwise Reader which I love. I was already a Readwise subscriber.

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I do this too. Works well. On some email systems (like Gmail) you can do something like this:

Usual email address:

Subscription email address:

You can then set up a rule to send these messages to a folder.

I recently started using Outlook and find its focus inbox good enough for sifting between things I need to deal with and newsletters/receipts/circulars. I can promote/demote particular senders.

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Indeed. This is what I chose in the end.

Amazing just for the single key shortcuts alone and oh, the highlighting.

I use Inoreader for RSS and newsletters. The newsletter implementation is ugly and not ideal, but it works.