Newton email and OmniFocus?

Does anyone know if Newton on MacOS has some type of integration with OmniFocus?

FYI, Newton has been sunsetted.

It was…but now Newton is back (sunrised?).


Interesting. I’d be reluctant to commit to it given that it’s been killed once and Essential doesn’t exactly have a long term track record of sticking to products.

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I don’t have any plans to use Newton. I’m just watching from the sidelines at this point.

Resurrected? Zombie-fied? :zombie:‍♂

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Do zombie apps dream of undead subscriptions?


They dream of braaaains.


They say they have omnifocus integration but all it amounts to is copying the emails content into an omnifocus task. They don’t include message urls like they do for todoist. So a pretty worthless integration at the moment. :confused: is free, this is 50,- per year, easy math…

They pretend they have but they don’t (as has been said, they just copy the content with no back link: totally useless). And I had a pretty extensive exchange with the original dev on Twitter saying in essence: why aren’t you doing what Airmail does? His answer: I don’t care, I only want to use the standard share sheet, so this is all you’re gonna get. Me: but what about URL schemes? Him: I only want to use the standard share sheet.
Been reinstalling Newton to see if things had changed though - they haven’t.

Mail does not do many power features third party apps have (snoozing, reply reminders, send later…). There is a market for those. :slight_smile:

People just need to be aware that some of the apps store credentials or emails on their servers in order to provide those features.

Lol. This thread went in an unexpected direction. So I’m trying it. It does have integration on both iOS and macOS. No shortcut.


  • read receipts
  • remind you of things it thinks might require a response
  • integration with things and OmniFocus
  • reminders can be set
  • delayed sending.


  • no keyboard shortcut to get emails into Omnifocus
  • no email link when imported into Omnifocus. Just imports text
  • Read receipts kinda creepy
  • I feel I’m clicking more than using my keyboard

FYI just downloaded the iOS version, and it does indeed integrate with OmniFocus and provide a link back to the original message. Maddeningly (to me, at least) it is a newton:// link (why is it so hard to find an email app that uses standard message:// URL schemes?!?)

@kennonb just shared this on the Guild :slight_smile:

He doesn’t use Airmail as his primary client, but as a way to perform custom actions on messages.

As far as Newton goes, I’m not a fan of their privacy policy, so I personally won’t be signing up.

Well. I thought you all were talking about the Newton Message Pad from the 1990s!

I clicked because I hoped they’d brought back a mail feature from “way back when” that might still work/work again and was interested!


Hope y’all are well!