Nibbles & Bytes Drafts 5 Experience

Twenty days ago I wrote that Drafts sat around in my iPad’s dock taking up space. But the darn app looked useful. I let it rest. Looked at videos read some text… Like a lump it sat there moored in the dock. Taunting me… wasting my learning time.

I started using Drafts as a scratch pad for notes that needed to be here then gone. Next, I wanted a less cluttered place to use markup for MPU forum posts. Slippery slope…

Then I discovered workspaces and tabs. Wow! I used a few — 2, 5, then 7. These sorters met my craving for organization.

Habituation was apparent when actions came into play. Little modifications were made sending items to Spark, Things 3, Ulysses, and iMessage…


I love the way Drafts just lets you write first, then process afterwards. Open it up, blank page to write on, then you decide what to do with it (send it as a text message, email, put it in chat, whatever). Drafts is awesome.

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I bought Drafts 4 back in February. I never wound up using it, and I thought it was just an unecessary extra step to getting text where I wanted it.

Something about Drafts 5 clicked much better. I’m too based off of Mac to start to organize powerful workspaces, and frankly, if they weren’t going to develop it for Mac later this year, I’d have to force myself to stop using it, but it has made such an improvement in getting things out of my head.

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Drafts 5 An Insidious App

I have shifted toward iPad even though a 27" screen is a joy to use. Multiple windows… split screen plus a few apps I don’t want to abandon.

Could get everything done on my iPad but why when I have both.

I’m too used to working on a computer to want to use an iPad. I find the iPad unergonomic whenever I’m using it with a bluetooth keyboard anywhere other than a desk (and even then, a laptop is much more ergonomic on a desk because of better screen angles). I know I’d like a Pro more, but I still don’t see myself wanting to switch off of my Mac as my main workhorse. I’m too productive on my Mac.

That’s exactly how automation and use of apps like drafts, workflows, KM, etc should start. Well done. Welcome to the fantastic world of Drafts :grinning: