Nick Milo's Obsidian Ideaverse Pro Launch

Nick Milo has released a pro version of his popular Ideaverse vault for Obsidian. Essentially, this is a custom vault ready-to-go with all of the customization done for you so you can start adding your own content rather than fiddle with plugins and coding.

Today is the launch day and it is offered for $129 rather than the normal $249 starting tomorrow.

Here’s the product page: Ideaverse Pro

Here’s a video overview:


(3:20) “narrow-minded, white-knuckled, self-shamers out there are on a one-way route to burnout”


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No doubt Nick is a wonderful person – he seems very kind. Nevertheless, it seems that every few months there’s a repackaged, rebranded version of what’s basically the same advice?



Very true! The man’s gotta pay his rent and for better or worse, this is now his business. It’s expensive though as a custom add-on to a free application.

I still think that virtually no one’s prebaked frames would comfortably fit me (or many people, in fact, especially in the longer run after the shiny new object has lost some of its shine), but I am clearly biased and have liked creating my own now well functioning Obsidian vault, and learning quite a bit in the process over two years or so. Obv that is not everyone’s interest.

I’m also a bit allergic to the acronym-laden sales speak of the PKMers out there and so have tuned out of that market now. Nick’s videos in the early days were quite helpful to me finding my way through Obsidian, but the tone now is getting a bit … meh? @karlnyhus said it all in his quote.

I do like the look of his theme – there is a lot of CSS wizardry going on there.


I find it hard to make a business case for a lot of these things. Will you “earn back” what you pay? It’s not necessarily about a direct correspondence (i.e. the thing will directly enable you to earn an extra $x an hour) but a lot of productivity and organisation gains are pretty marginal.

Maybe I should sell an add-on that reminds you to look at the bottom line (whether personal or financial):wink:


It doesn’t seem like a predatory offering. You can do the free course and build this yourself, or pay to have it built for you and learn how to use it. If you have done his main course/community, I think you’ve already built this. And this is cheaper than that course, so if you wanted that now you can just buy this. I think it’s only bad if his whole philosophy/approach is bad (and I understand some people hate the whole idea of trying to be more productive or are trying to pare back.)

Disclaimer: not an Obsidian user, organize using my own approach, don’t feel burned out, etc.


I’m a sucker for a nicely set-up system. This Ideaverse vault implementation looks beautiful in layout and theme. The marketing is tempting to me. I’d like to look through it just to see what’s been included. But I’ve tried and backed away from Obsidian several times and I have a pretty good thing going in NotePlan. So I’ll probably just follow the news about Ideaverse and watch what kind of reception it gets.

Likewise, my reaction is positive to it.


I like how Atlas, Calendar and Effort in the screenshot is grouped in a collapsible table with nice pastel color. What add-on does this?

You mean this one?

Those are callouts. Ideaverse Pro comes with a bunch of custom varieties, but you can make your own too. Or find others on the Discord etc.


Ah, callouts. I have no idea it’s called that. Now I have more tinkering to do. Thank you, @ryanjamurphy

Edit: these are so nice that I wish Drafts support them too. I’m currently using Drafts as my note taking app and fallout is just so nice that I’m tempted to export them out to Obsidian!


Yes, I absolutely needed another tool in the procrastination toolbox … :wink:

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