Ninox Mac is now free?

Seems like Ninox on Mac is now free? I can’t remember if it used to be a one-time purchase on the Mac App Store but right now it is not only free to download, the in-app purchase option is also gone.

On their website: “You do not need a Ninox Cloud subscription to use the Mac app, but if you have one, you can access all your information from the Ninox Cloud inside the Mac app.”

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How does Ninox compare with something like AirTable?

How do you get the database created on the Mac to sync with the iPhone?

I selected iCloud option when creating the db but it doesn’t show up in the phone.

It worked for me. Just check you have the correct version of Ninox for iPhone (not the Legacy version)

Yes, it does work.

WiFi was turned off in my iPhone earlier. Isn’t iCloud Sync supposed to work over mobile data?

Update: Just checked in Mobile settings and see that iCloud Drive and iCloud Backup were disabled. Turned them on.