No code (WYSIWYG) app builder recommendations

I am looking to build a simple app (basically turning a spreadsheet into an app that will track the data and serve as a mobile input). Most of the users will be using iOS, but I suppose something that is cross platform would not hurt.

Briefly looking at Xcode seems like it might be a bit more involved than my basic coding knowledge.

Any recommendations for apps or platforms that all me to build an app? TIA

Do you want to build this just for your own purpose, or for a distribution thru App Stores?

To what level are you doing spreadsheet calculations? Is this simple add, subtract, multiply, and divide inputs or does it include higher level spreadsheet functions such as statistics or if(…) case statements? Is this over a few input values or is this over a dozen or more input values?

How much data has to be tracked? Is this for a one-time in the field work that has to be uploaded to a (more powerful) app for additional spreadsheet processing? Or is this to be the replacement for the spreadsheet itself?

Depending on the type of processing needed, I would be inclined to suggest a database app called TapForms.


My own purposes. I do think there is likely a very small subset of people who might use it, so ability to put on App Store would be nice.

Would like native app that would function as input for billing charges. Based on codes billed (medical) would be able to calculate general productivity number.

For the most part this is just simple tallying billed charges multiplied by their value. Total output would like to sort my daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and give a grand total as well as total per charge.

Based on this, I second the nomination for TapForms.

And the obvious, why not just use a spreadsheet?
Google Sheets is amazingly powerful with its database-like formulas and javascript-backed coding. Plus it links to Google Forms, allowing easy input of data.

If you need many people to enter data but just a few to analyze it, Google Forms linked to a Google Sheets spreadsheet would work.

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Take a look at Google AppSheet.

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Just found this. I am looking into this for myself.

We have a number of companies specialized for this kind of software in Germany, are there no companies offering this in your area?

I use a spreadsheet, but would like to make something that is more widely distributed to individuals.

No clue, that’s why I’m asking.

Your description sounds like it will be something for you and people you know, which is colouring some of these suggestions.
Google Sheets is a great solution if you want to limit coding but make it available to others.

Is the “make an app” part actually important?

I’m already doing it with a spreadsheet. I would like to make it an app to put on App Store.

There are many developers and consultants in the United States who do this sort of work using the FileMaker app, for example … but probably outside your budget.

If it needs to be an App Store distributed app, you might use the web as your low code builder with WebViews containing your forms in the native tab UI. Include some stats or help information to make the app feel more complete to help with App Store approval. You’d still need some Xcode knowledge or a freelancer, but this would be a low budget project. A few tutorials would get you a functional dev build.