No, I did not clean it up :-)

@katiefloyd implied on the latest podcast that many of us had cleaned up our offices before posting here. Understandable, but for the record, this IS how I keep my office. :slight_smile: Now, I need to admit that I am OCD (crazy?) about neatness. My work office and my vehicle are just a neat. For that matter, so are the home screens of my devices. I may need therapy! :slight_smile: The good news is that although my wife has plenty to complain about me, being messy is not one of them! :wink:



Wow! That is stunning! I am envious of your bookshelves! Looks like a bright, yet cozy place to get work done!

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I can wait for the day when we have wireless charging laptops, iPads and the desktops to support them #NoWires


Lovely setup, except I don’t know how you can manage with a chair with no armrest.

I would rather stand than sit on a chair with no armrest :slight_smile:

You’ve plucked my ideal office right out of my mind and made it manifest. I’m so very envious of you. Well done!

The bookshelves are great. I actually gave away several hundred books to avoid buying more shelves. I repurchased many, not all, of them in digital format. :slight_smile:


Amen to that! That would save a lot of decorating trouble!

I’m usually typing with my arms resting on the deskk so it is no problem :slight_smile:

Well, don’t be envious. My wife deserves the credit and I am merely blessed.


No. I have a hidden extension cord that matches the decor. :slight_smile:

I have to think (respectfully, of course, and like friends) though that there are no kids in these homes with such offices; or, if so, they are VERY good with boundaries. Not in my house… :slight_smile:

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Indeed, my wife and I are newly minted empty nesters. We love our children but love this period of calm and quiet! And, I only have to take the trash to the curb EVERY OTHER week. :slight_smile:


How did you decide on the 13 inch over 15 ince MacBook Pro?

Absolutely stunning work space.

Thank you, I am blessed.

I chose the 13” because I don’t like unnecessarily large laptops, especially when traveling. That said, now that the iPad Pro with iOS 11 and upcoming iOS 12 is becoming much more capable, I may opt for a 15” and keep it on my desk and use the iPad Pro exclusively whenever I’m out of the office.

A truly beautiful room! I would be happy to go to work there every day.