No idea what tool I used to create keyboard shortcut

I feel really silly having to write this post, but I have absolutely no idea how I created some keyboard shortcuts that I use all the time. I have several shortcuts in Apple mail that I use to move mail messages from the inbox to specific folders and then have them mapped out on the stream deck. I want to change some but But cannot find the shortcuts in any creation app!

Anybody have any idea where or how to find these shortcuts? I checked keyboard maestro add macOS keyboard preferences but nada.
I can see them when I activate cheat sheet though if that means anything…
Please humor me with affirmations like “happens all the time” etc.
thank you

Happens to the best of us.


I’ve experienced this – so at least one other person shares your shame! :sunglasses:

That said, some of those shortcuts could have been created years and years ago, so quite understandable why it might not be that simple to dig up, especially if being “held” by a seldom-used app last used equally long ago!

Thank you all- Shortcut detective did not help but I did figure out that I had created the shortcuts by adding the folder to the tool bar. Just needed to map it out to position of the folder in the bar (the 8th folder)
Thanks again

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