No interest in Touch Screen Mac but would love 14" You?

I’ve been reading and listening to those who have an interest in a touchscreen Mac or MB, based in part on the new design of Big Sur. I for one have absolutely no interest in reaching up to touch my MBP screen.

But, a 14" M1/M2 MBP or MB Air would hit a sweet spot in size for me.

Thoughts from the forum?


Absolutely agree. I am in the market for a powerful, long-lasting pro laptop that can fit in trains and planes easily. I am on the fence for a 13’ MBP but I think I’ll wait for the M2 model, hoping the screen goes to 14’ (as the 15 → 16’ MBP did). And I have zero interest for a touchscreen on that; even with my iPad Pro, I so much prefer using the trackpad on the Magic Keyboard.

I’m waiting too. I’ll feel more comfortable with a version 2 chip before replacing my current MBP. I want to see how the new Macs do in the wild first. I’d love a 14" screen but I’ll still buy a MPB or Air with the M2 even if it is still 13"

I use the Magic Keyboard on my iPad for most work. When I want to touch the screen I’m changing use modes in which case I take the iPad off of the keyboard. This is the beauty of the iPad–it is modular and flexible. Besides, I’m OCD about smudges on my MBP display. :slight_smile:

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Yes, me too. I’d like additional ports and storage, but if the M1 already provided that, I probably would have bought one already. Will enable my 2016 MBP to reach an honorable 5 year of use before passing it on to my fiancée :slight_smile:

If you’d like the marriage to last, you should do better than handing her a five year old computer. Ha ha :slight_smile: I just sprang for an iPhone 12 Pro Max for my wife’s Christmas present. :slight_smile:


Ahaha! Well, she’s currently rocking a 2011 MacBook Pro which is on its last legs and the 2016 was fully maxed out. So I should be all right.

I hope. :sweat_smile:


Fingers do not belong on screens! :wink:

I’d love a 14" Air or Pro, but only if the footprint of the computer would not get any bigger.


14" non-TouchBar would be the sweet spot for me, though the 13" Air looks pretty sweet and tempting.

After using the original iPad Pro utilizing a Smart Keyboard for a year or so when it first came out (this was before mouse support) and I found the experience jarring from a performative standpoint. I would try to tab through fields in a webpage, and then if that didn’t work, I’d scroll, tap, etc. and found myself wishing I had my Mac with me in short order.
No one really wants to take their hands off the home row to reach up and interact with a screen, I think, they just think they want a touchscreen Mac.

This falls under the “neat but not necessary or useful” tab, like Siri being put on the Mac. I think I used it a total of ten commands on day one and haven’t used it since.

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