No more Numbers for High Sierra, no Command Click on iCloud Numbers

I had a recent odd situation on my 2011 iMac, which is limited to High Sierra. I updated iWork as far as I could, and Pages & Keynote work fine. Numbers did not, however, and actually has disappeared off my App Store “Purchased” list, although the other iWork apps are still there. I reinstalled from the iWork '09 package, but now it is insisting that my 30 day trial period is up (???) and I must purchase Numbers which, of course, is no longer available for High Sierra on the App Store. (FWIW, Numbers works fine on my iPad, but I need the 27" screen and mouse for work.)

So I’m in a bit of a vicious circle.

Apple Support was unable to help other than to recommend using iCloud Numbers. Fine. Except… ⌘ click doesn’t work to select multiple cells, and the problem isn’t my keyboard.

If anyone has a solution to either of these bug/feature/issues, I’d be grateful to hear it.

What is “interesting” is that it used to be that if you tried to install an Apple app on an older system, it would put up a box saying you can’t run the latest version but offer to download an older one. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. (I tried it on a system running Sierra and redownloading Numbers).