No more split view in MacOS 11? 😢

I love Split View on iPadOS and on my Mac. That press-and-hold on the green button to pick the left or right side of the screen, then select from the remaining open apps to put on the other side of the screen, was my go-to multitasking secret weapon. I went to do that today and found it’s been replaced by a function that just resizes the windows to take up half the screen.

When did this happen? And can I get back the split view option?

“Move” is the command when the option key is held down. If you just hover over the green control, you’ll get the Split View commands.

But I’m not holding option down. I even went to check if something was pressing on the option key on my bluetooth keyboard in the other room. Hovering is giving me the “move” commands. Holding option down now changes “enter full screen” to “zoom.”

¯_(ツ)_/¯ and :’(

Are you running any other apps that intercept that menu? I run Moom, but when I quit it the options I get are what I expect - “Tile Window to Left of Screen” and “Tile Window to Right of Screen”, each of which puts me into Split View.

And when Moom is running, holding Command gives me those options.

Although if this is huge for your workflow, and what you do is more like “certain workspaces” rather than “tiling arbitrary windows in split view”, Moom might be a useful third-party tool to handle some of this stuff for you. :slight_smile: The free version gives you a certain number of uses rather than a time-limited trial, so you get plenty of time to figure out whether it suits your purposes or not.

I’d try a restart (…)

Good suggestion! Unfortunately it didn’t work. And I don’t use any windowing software like Moom. I’ll look into Moom, though I like the fact that I had nothing underneath my windows when in split-screen/full-screen. It could be something with the macOS 11.4 beta. Thanks for everyone’s help.

Sorry to hear that. Hope it’s a beta thing that get fixed soon :smiley:

The strange thing is that id doesn’t change the other two menu elements… if something inverted the behaviour should have inverted for all three elements, not only one…

Thinking about it, I would love to have that option to be the default behavior and not the other way around.

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I’m 11.4 and it works as it should (MacBook Pro 13’ mid-2014).

Figured it out. Posting the answer here in case anyone else has the same problem. Or if you want to have “move window” be the default. Need to have “Displays have separate Spaces” checked in Mission Control in order for the “Tile windows” option to appear as default.


For another point of view; I hate how Apple have implemented Split View and Full Screen view. I welcome this function, however I use Better Snap Tool to do the same (and some more).


I think you are in the majority and I’m in the minority here. However, I’ve gotten used to Apple’s way and like the fact that there are no other windows underneath what I’m looking at. I always feel like I have to go digging. Swiping up on the trackpad makes quick work of that though.

Well, working on a laptop I think that spaces and split view are quite good.

IMO other kind of window management on a screen this little makes no sense.

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Good point. Split view on a 24" or 27" screen would be pretty useless.

Indeed (and the other 14 characters)