No more storage

I am constantly running out of storage on my 32gb iPad. Any suggestions for how to manage?

32GB is a criminally small amount of space these days unless you’re doing the absolute minimum.

So long as you’re on Wifi most of the time, I’d turn on Offload Unused Apps, if you need them you can download again with minimal effort.
Review which apps are using the most space on your iPad and delete those that do which you don’t use.
Think about whether you need photos on your iPad or Optimise your storage for them
Some apps like (in my experience) Pocket don’t release space again particularly well, so I used to have to delete regularly and reinstall. Eventually I moved to GoodLinks which seems to be much better.
If you’re storing data on your ipad, see if you can stream it instead of storing locally (e.g. Podcasts, photos, Music and Video apps.)

Another approach as your OS gathers cruft is to do a good backup and restore to factory settings and restore your backup.

Longer term, the easiest way to manage is it to get an iPad with more storage


I reset and restored. I gained a lot of space back!