No option to turn 'GoodTask' on in Reminders

Hello All,
I have installed GoodTask on MacOS Ventura.
Before I can start using it, I am supposed to follow below:
System Preferences → Security &Privacy → Reminders → Turn ‘GoodTask’ on
As you will see in screenshot, GoodTask is not available to turn on
Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

The app (Goodtask) has to request the permission first. What happens when you click OK?

Nothing happens, then I follow the steps in the pop up window, that is when I notice that there is no option to give GoodTask Reminder permission.

In the Settings window, in the lower left of the pane that Fantastical is in, are there + and - buttons?

If so, you should be able to add GoodTask by clicking the + sign, navigating to GT.

I’ve no idea why sometimes the app shows up already checked and other times it’s necessary to add it manually. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I sometimes find I need to reboot my machine for it to register newly installed apps in all the settings.

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For some strange reason, I do not have that option at the lower left hand pane :frowning: