No power adapter for series 6 watch

It was announced that there won’t be a power adapter shipped with the series 6 watch. Are folks going to just purchase one on their own or use something else (or perhaps you have extras)?

Unless this is your first apple watch, which is very unlikely for most. I don’t really see the issue.

I can see a scenario where you are getting a new watch and want to gift your old one to someone - it’s nice to provide the magnetic charging cable and power brick.

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I loved how they sold it as though they were doing us a favor.

Agree to disagree. I’m always losing chargers, leaving them at various locations, or including them with the device I’m selling. I like having extras.

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Like I said, agree to disagree.

I don’t really know what they should include, but I haven’t needed anything besides a Nomad Qi+Watch dock for awhile.

I’m surprised Apple mentioned this during the event. Immediately I saw commenters on 9to5 confused thinking that the power cable would not be included :laughing: I’ve got about 20 of those USB-A plugs floating around my house so I’m fine with this. After a few watches I almost have too many chargers too

I personally don’t need another “ice cube” charger. Companies such as Anker and Aukey have released chargers that offer faster charging and/or multiple ports in a similar footprint. If this reduces the cost of the watch and saves on waste, I’m in favor.

A charge cable, on the other hand should be included (which I believe to be the case).


Agreed, I’ve got a box of them around here somewhere, from years of getting them with new iPhones.

I’d love for Apple to drop AirPower or a similar product. Some sort of charge-all-simultaneously featured device that charges the watch and at least one other device.

Good point! I’d just be happy I’m being gifted an apple watch :wink:

It would be good marketing if they were to have “No changer (-$whatever)” preselected on the order page with the option of adding a charger for “$0.00”. That would clearly send the message that they’re doing this for environmental reasons rather than cheapness and also make the default option the one that doesn’t include a charger.


The best reply so far on this topic. Hits the nail right down. Wish Apple had this thought too

Does it though?

I think it’s more about more margin from a single product

They were certainly doing the environment a favor (as they have been for a very long time now).

Regardless of that, careless people would select to get the charger and end up never using it anyways.

Given that I suggested that the default selected option would be to have the charger not included, I think that the number of people who would select it accidentally would be tiny.

But it doesn’t give an option to who really needs to get one can get it. Also by removing the brick did the price of the Apple Watch go down in USA?

They should reduce the price by $2 to offset the cost :rofl: :joy:

Yes thats what it cost them to make right. More than that I would be happy if they sold it at that price too :slight_smile:

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