No Vision Pro Ad in the Superbowl

Anyone else surprised that there was no Vision Pro advertisement? After all they sponsored the halftime show so had an “in”.

Nope. I imagine that slot is incredibly expensive for a niche product.

Why advertise something that will be in short supply for a year or more?


I wasn’t expecting anything one way or the other, so no, not surprised at all.

Looking back, historically Apple doesn’t put ads in the Super Bowl that often. They are now in the middle of a five-year deal w/ the NFL to produce the half-time show. Last year’s event w/ Rihanna evidently set records of all kinds, not sure about this year. But that seems to be their focus.

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I wouldn’t expect this level of coverage. They’re not looking to sell them to the general public, just to developers and those who are on the leading edge.


Exactly. Most of the people with the means and inclination to buy one at the current price point already know all about it because they follow what’s going on in tech.

The only other likely market for the current version of the Vision Pro is well-heeled non-geeks looking for expensive new luxury toys and experiences, and a huge mass-market spend like a Super Bowl commercial wouldn’t be a cost-effective way to reach them.

Has there ever been an Apple iPhone ad in the Super Bowl? I don’t remember any, but maybe I missed it. A Verizon or T-Mobile ad mentioning the iPhone doesn’t count.