Node wants to use the "Local Items" Keychain

Hi guys!

Runing macos Mojave now, and am allowing apps to access all kinds of resources that was available to them earlier without my explicit consent. However - I do get one pop-up telling me the following:

“node wants to use the “Local Items” Keychain, please enter the password”

I can’t figure out which app is asking. If it’s “node.js” it could be any app or service using that framework, right? This far I have opted to not grant permissions, but I do feel this is not the most illuminating dialog box.

Any guesses what this might be?

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Usually it’s sharingitems, which negotiates AirDrop, Handoff, Instant Hotspot, Shared Computers, and Remote Disc. Or it could be the Login keychain - you might find the link below to be useful:

Try following those instructions and restarting.

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I got this too, and I ran “ps aux | grep node” from the terminal and I’ve seen a couple of programs show up. One was Videostream. Another is Adobe Creative Cloud:

kenlu 693 0.0 0.2 5996836 27612 ?? S 11Dec18 23:09.26 /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Creative Cloud Experience/CCXProcess/…/libs/node /Applications/Utilities/Adobe Creative Cloud Experience/CCXProcess/…/js/main.js

So it looks like this is just part of Adobe Creative Cloud, which is probably fine.

Edit: Added Adobe Creative Cloud as a possible cause.

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As far as I know, Videostream is not installed, but of course I should have looked at the process status list. Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

I got this again, and this time it appears to be Adobe Creative Cloud. See edited comment above.

So if you have Adobe Creative Cloud installed, it’s likely due to that.

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Yes, you are correct. Thanks! I found it yesterday too, should have updated here…

I just started seeing this password request about a week ago. I have Adobe Creative Cloud installed so it’s likely that, but it’s happening every day. Every day I enter my password and the next day it asks again… Any way to fix this?

So yes it is caused by Adobe Creative Cloud. HOW DO WE STOP IT? It pops up many times a day

I’ve been fighting this same problem for a while, but now it’s just become unbearable.

What fixed it for me was…
1.) Go to Finder
2.) Select the “Go” panel
3.) Hold down “Option” and Library will popup. (This takes you to your temp files I believe.)
4.) Find Keychain and delete everything in the folder. NOT the Keychain folder itself, but the files in it.

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Then restart, of course. Fixed my issue. Haven’t seen one since. PRAISE BABY JEEZBUS

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Dear Toasty Ken,

Honestly, I signed-up only to say Thank You for your help.
I tried the command you mentioned using Terminal app, and its useful because I found that the cause is from TUXERA or it might be from Adobe Creative Cloud.

Anyway, now its my turn to try which one is the cause.

Have a nice day,
Best Regards,
ACC Temp

I got the same message this morning after waking macbook pro after 2 days of sleep.

I ran “ps aux | grep node” in terminal and saw Slack and Adobe applications only, so probably Adobe as most people have been saying, but could also be Slack.

Either way, both are above board programs so I entered the password.

PS - I am running High Sierra

Just wanted to say thanks for this. I had been having prompts for node and Adobe CC applications since updating my password through Jamf Connect on my work mac. Aswell as this 1Password would not activate in Safari.

Clearing the keychains folder, restarting and then enter all my passwords again for Microsoft apps and Adobe Creative Cloud has done the trick. No more keychain prompts and I can use Safari again!

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Had the same issue. A request popped up for the keychain master password every time I boot up my mac or open an adobe CC application. Turns out Adobe Creative Cloud was causing the trouble (at least in my case).

Uninstalling and reinstalling Creative Cloud fixed the issue for me. If you are unable to uninstall creative cloud due to other applications using it follow the following steps:

  1. Locate “Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud” in Finder > Applications > Adobe Creative cloud
  2. Open and run “Uninstall Adobe Creative Cloud”
  3. Click on Repair instead of Uninstall
  4. Restart your mac once done

Let me know if this works for you. :slight_smile:


worked for me without restarting thanks man

Thank you so much! New-ish to Mac and couldn’t work out what it was about.

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Blackbetty323, thanks so much for help. Sort out the issue for me. Also signed up to let you know you are epic.
My the spaghetti monster bestow gifts upon you. X