Noise cancelling headphones with boom mic for dictation

Now that Catalina is here, I’d like to start dictating to my Mac. At the moment, I wear wireless noise-cancelling headphones for my office, but I assume that unless I get a boom mic, my dictation will be poor. Can anyone suggest a noise-cancelling, good-dictating combination wireless headset? Thanks, Andrew

I heard good thinks about the Blue Parrot headsets and seen truckers use it.

BlueParrott B450-XT Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset

Thanks for getting back to me. I actually have a BlueParrot, and I use it in the car all the time. What it has is a noise cancelling microphone. What I’m looking for is noise cancelling earphones with a microphone. Thanks, Andrew

I do not have any first-hand experience with those things, but Plantronics has a noise cancelling headset series called Backbeat.

The Apple solution would be using AirPods Pro.

To some degree, dictation will always suffer in a noisy environment, though… And if there are several persons working in one room, dictation might even end up being an annoyance… :slight_smile: